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Crosstalk: December 5, 2018

Brad Mattes is the president and CEO of Life Issues Institute headquartered in Cincinnati. Their mission is that of assuring through education, equal protection under the law for all living humans from the beginning of their biological life at fertilization until natural death.

Brad opened this edition of Crosstalk with a wonderful testimony involving Brad's colleague, Dr. John Wilke, who was president of National Right to Life, and George H.W. Bush. It was through a long visit between these two individuals that caused the president to change his stance on life. As history shows, President Bush eventually stopped at least 10 bills that had pro-abortion provisions in them.

The major focus of this broadcast was on various items related to the battle for life. Below is a sample of items discussed:

--Concerns Brad has going into the next congressional session.
--Obamacare exchange plans and abortion.
--Pro-life groups met with President Trump to push for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.
--Cases working their way through the court system that could make it to the Supreme Court challenging abortion rights.
--Planned Parenthood is trying to stop the release of more videos exposing their involvement in the sale of unborn baby body parts.
--Companies that help fund Planned Parenthood.
--A scientist in China creates the first gene-edited baby.
--A Utah abortionist conveyed the message that it's OK to abort an unborn baby if they don't have permission to live in the mother's womb.
--Ohio's first abortionist voluntarily surrendered his medical license.
--Dutch officials are prosecuting a female nursing home doctor for euthanizing a woman with dementia.


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