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Crosstalk: December 31, 2019

As each new year begins, many people take time to set personal goals.  Perhaps in the past you’ve set a spiritual goal related to increased Bible reading or prayer time.  Have you ever considered the goal of Bible memorization?

To help in this regard, Crosstalk welcomed Tom Meyer.  Tom is known as the Bible Memory Man. He has memorized over 20 books of the Bible and is a frequent speaker at churches and conferences where he presents the Bible spoken dramatically from memory.  He’s an Associate Professor of Bible at Shasta Bible College and is a representative with Word Sower Ministries. He has put together the King James Version, New Testament Memorization Study Bible.

Tom took listeners through some brief history as he described how he became involved in Scripture memorization on a large scale, as well as the subsequent benefits derived from such an investment. 

As you listen to this edition of Crosstalk, you’ll hear Tom answer the following:

–What is ‘the magical number 7 plus or minus 2’ and its connection to Bible memorization?

–What makes his study Bible different so that readers will be aided in their  memorization efforts?

–What are the 3 ‘pillars’ for helping the brain capture segments of Scripture?

Crosstalk listeners provided their input as well.

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