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Crosstalk: December 3, 2018

Below is a sample of what Jim covered this week on the 'Round-Up':

--President Trump, along with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts, have officially signed the USMCA deal that replaces NAFTA. It still needs to go through Congress.
--Ukraine is bracing for a full-on Russian invasion.
--President Trump cancels meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in light of the Ukraine crisis.
--A senior Russian diplomat has warned that the planned withdrawal of the U.S. from the 1987 INF Treaty could critically upset stability in Europe.
--Representative Liz Cheney commended President's Trump's decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty.
--2 Iranian nationals were indicted after a federal grand jury found that they deployed ransomware against U.S. hospitals and other critical infrastructure.
--President Trump lights the national Christmas tree.
--A father in Texas is fighting to keep custody of his 6 year old son while the boy's mother claims that he's a transgender girl.
--'Drag queens' are deliberately grooming the next generation to accept LGBT ideology.
--A New York Times opinion article reveals that a man's sex reassignment treatments are making him miserable and tempting him to kill himself, but that's no reason to stop him.
--Twitter banning the actions of misgendering in order to stem anti-trans abuse.
--According to the Austin, Texas, city council, churches have no right to insist on employees that accept and practice their faith's teachings on homosexuality.
--Nearly 2,500 migrants in Tijuana are sick with serious, communicable diseases.
--At least 9 people, including 7 illegal immigrants, were in custody after smugglers using a boat came ashore in Southern California.
--Brazil is withdrawing its candidacy to host a large conference on climate change next year.
--House Democrats have tabbed Nancy Pelosi as the party nominee for speaker of the House, but she's still fighting to lock down enough support.
--UW-LaCrosse chancellor scolded by his boss for discretely booking a porn star to speak on campus.
--Oakland University will fight shooters with hockey pucks.
--After 181 years of no hats allowed in Congress, the newly elected Democratic Party in the U.S. House of Representatives is moving to embrace the hijab, a symbol of Islamic oppression toward women that is sanctioned by Shariah law.
--Newly released documents show that the Boston jihad bombers admitted to committing jihad slaughter prior to their marathon bombing.

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