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Crosstalk: December 24, 2019

Are you aware that what took place in the Garden of Eden after the creation of man has much to do with why we celebrate this time of year?  Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. As such, sin entered the world and death by sin.

The good news is that by the infinite grace of God, He had a plan of redemption.  We’re told about this beginning in Genesis 3:15. Someone was going to come and defeat sin and Satan.  The Old Testament prophets prophesied about this individual. Eventually the virgin Mary received an angelic message that she would have a son, the Messiah, who would be called, Jesus.

This is why it’s important that this time of year we remember not only the details leading up to and including the birth of Christ, but that which followed…His mission.

Thinking of the Christmas holiday in this way brought forth numerous thoughts from listeners.  You can hear them all on this special Christmas testimonies edition of Crosstalk.

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