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Crosstalk: December 13, 2018

Jimmy DeYoung Jr. is a prophecy teacher, evangelist and youth speaker. Having lived and worked in the Middle East, Jimmy has co-hosted and led numerous prophecy tours to Israel and Jordan. He’s the son of Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.

Israel, only the size of New Jersey, continues to come under attack. Not only is the nation under attack, but Jews around the world are feeling a rise in anti-Semitism.

Are there current events and items of prophetic significance that relate to this issue? In order to answer that, Jim had his guest cover alot of ground as he tackled the following questions:

–Does the term ‘Palestinian’ apply to a people and a land or is it just a political term?

–38% of European Jews are thinking of leaving. What’s the reason for this?

–What does the Bible say about the regathering of the Jewish people?

–How does ‘Brexit’ affect this?

–What is the significance regarding the choice of some nations to want to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

–What ‘props’ and ‘pieces’ are being moved into place pertaining to the rebuilding of the Temple?

Jimmy had much more to say including answers to questions from Crosstalk listeners.

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