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Crosstalk: December 10, 2018

From anger over politics to road rage, anger has and continues to lead to many undesirable consequences. Sadly, anger even appears in Christian homes and churches, where in the later case, it can cause splits over everything from the color of the carpet to doctrine.

Dealing with this issue was Dr. Les Ollila. Dr. Ollila is the founder and director of Building Great Leaders. It’s a ministry providing instruction, encouragement, and resources for Christian leaders. He’s a former pastor, staff evangelist, and former president of what was then known as Northland Baptist Bible College. He’s a member of the Board of Directors of VCY America.

Right from the start, Dr. Ollila made a distinction between righteous and unrighteous anger. The Bible teaches that there is a time to be angry but never with sin involved in it. That righteous type of anger was modeled perfectly by Jesus.

From there, Dr. Ollila carefully sifted through numerous spiritual and physical aspects related to this topic including:

--Being angry and not recognizing it
--Causes of anger such as personal pain and people pressure
--The countenance of anger
--The calamity of anger
--Repression, suppression, expression and confession
--Focusing on God
--The fruit of the Spirit in relation to anger

...and much more.

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