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Crosstalk: August 1, 2018

The Bereans were commended because they searched the Scriptures daily so they would know if the things they were being taught were true. In the pastoral epistles we see an urgent plea to grasp hold of sound, biblical doctrine, knowing that even today there are doctrines and teachings that are causing confusion.

One such area of confusion is the Hebrew Roots Movement. Listeners have called VCY America requesting information on this topic or to have us address it. In order to do that, Crosstalk looked to Tim Chaffey. Tim is the director of Midwest Apologetics. He has served in the positions of a pastor and also a youth pastor. He's the author of nearly two dozen books including 'Old Earth Creationism on Trial' 'God and Cancer: Finding Hope in the Midst of God’s Trials' and many others. He is also a researcher and an apologist.

Christianity obviously has its roots in the Jewish people (the Hebrews). The early church began with 3,000 Jews at Pentecost and soon after you read in the book of Acts about 5,000 people. This all took place within Jerusalem and Judea. So there's no question that Christianity has Hebrew roots.

The modern Hebrew Roots Movement does more than just study the roots of our faith. It's really an idea that says that Christians who may not have Jewish ethnicity (gentiles) are required/obligated to keep the Law of Moses. So it's a return to the keeping of the Law as opposed to historic Christianity which has taught that we are not under that Law.

Many questions need to be answered in order to understand this movement. Below are just some that Jim had Tim respond to and these were followed up by questions and comments from Crosstalk listeners:

--Is this movement new or has it been around for some time and how large is it?
--How does the Hebrew Roots Movement define 'Jew'?
--Is the church the true Israel and how is 'Israel' defined by each of the testaments?
--Does a gentile become a Hebrew when trusting in Christ as Savior?
--How does Romans 1:16 fit into this discussion?
--What is the Mosaic Law?
--Were gentile believers ever required to keep the Mosaic Law?
--Are believers in Christ required to keep the Jewish Sabbath? After all, wasn't the keeping of the Sabbath to be perpetual?
--Is keeping 9 of the commandments while not keeping the Sabbath commandment hypocritical?
--Does the Gospel depend upon the works of the Law?
--Does the Hebrew Roots Movement or elements of it challenge the Trinity or the deity of Christ?
--How does the Hebrew Roots Movement deal with Christmas?

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