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Crosstalk: April 9, 2018

The following are a handful of stories Jim brought to listener attention this week:

--'Understanding the Threat of Islam' conferences shut down by pro-Antifa/pro-Islamic groups.
--Another innocent child becomes a victim in a Chicago area Target store restroom.
--Man wanted for taking photos inside Target changing room.
--Seattle man undresses in women's locker room to test new transgender bathroom rule.
--Officials of charter school association commend Kindergarten teacher who promotes transgenderism. She was named teacher of the year for her commitment to provide a safe learning environment for all children.
--Colorado House of Representatives passes legislation to ban so-called conversion therapy.
--Maryland State Legislature has sent a bill to the governor to ban conversion therapy.
--Milwaukee, WI. mayor signs conversion therapy ban.
--California legislators are considering a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to receive professional help to resolve unwanted same sex attractions or gender confusion.
--Iowa about to force 4-H to adopt the same LGBTQ transgender bathroom and other policies
--The U.S. Census Bureau's report to Congress on the 2020 survey includes adding homosexuals to the question about relationships.
--8 members of Iran's women's soccer team are said to be men.
--Hamas issues order to burn about 10,000 tires along the border of Israel.
--Israeli troops kill 6 men along Gaza's border.
--Israel thwarts planned terrorist attack arresting 10 Palestinians suspected of plotting an attack on a navy ship off the Gaza coast.
--President Trump wants to send between 2,000 and 4,000 National Guard troops to the nation's southern border.
--The Mexican Senate passed a resolution seeking an end to bilateral cooperation with the U.S. against drug cartels and immigration problems after President Trump ordered the National Guard troops to the border.
--Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice has a new role on the board of directors for Netflix.
--The California DMV announced it has provided more than one-million driver's licenses to illegal aliens as of Wednesday.
--Over 50 artificial intelligence researchers from 30 nations have agreed to boycott the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology over concerns with its weapons research.
--Dentist office threatens parents over dental neglect of children.

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