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Crosstalk: April 27, 2020

As always (on a Friday) News Round Up day – is FULL of stories (and all over the place)!

  • Professor is confident COVID 19 was born in a lab
  • Coronavirus: 30 different strains? 
  • Even “more dangerous”  2nd wave of Coronavirus next winter
  • 2/3 of those seriously ill with COVID-19 “did not have a fever.”
  • Health experts from Standford & Yale want America “open!”
  • California’s “point system” decides who lives / dies?
  • New York State rescinds DNR order amid crisis
  • Suicide Helpline calls SOARING
  • Dr. Fauci: No Handshaking but, Sexual Relations with Stangers “acceptable” 
  • China, Iran & Russia blame USA for COVID-19
  • Illinois extending stay at home order through May
  • House passes $484B Coronavirus small business relief bill
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif “chunk of money” to vote by mail
  • Church donations (support) drying up
  • Much much more – plus your phone calls!

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