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Clint Clements: October 18, 2017

Today we talk with Steve Gurn.  Steve is a retired Marine who spent 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for the freedoms of the Iraqis and the Afghanies.  After leaving the Marine Corp., Steve transitioned to a security firm providing security for the Iraqi Army while teaching them to defend themselves.  During his time as a security contractor Steve had the chance to talk in depth with the Iraqis on his team.  It became very apparent that they did not want to be free.  As a result of his interaction with his Interpreter, he found out that the Iraqis could not handle freedom.  In addition he was told that if he were to step out of the wire by himself in Iraq he would be dead with an hour.  This exchanged so bothered him that he put together a Youtube video that would go viral. Join us on today's show as we discuss the fight for power in Iraq and the affects that it will have on America if we do not wake up to the Muslim Brotherhood insurgency taking place right here in our own country.

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Clint Clements

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 Clint Clements is the Owner of The Forge Tactical, LLC, a full service personal security company specializing in training individuals, businesses, private groups, churches and schools in the specifics of security and preparedness in the event of a natural disaster or other emerging threats. The company exists to educate and train our clients in local, state and national security threats in order to prepare them to survive and prosper amid these active threats. Our training cadre is made of former Navy SEAL’s with extensive combat experience thus ensuring the highest level of training and preparedness. We offer the following training to our clients: 

1. Situational Awareness 

2. Emerging Threat Analysis and Education 

3. Emergency Preparedness 

4. Evacuation Planning 

5. First Aid/Emergency Medical Training – T/CCC 

6. Concealed Carry Mindset Training 

7. Close Quarter Battle/Room Clearing – Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action 

8. Active Shooter Decision Matrix Training 

9. Close Quarter Combat Training 

10. The purpose of Violence of Action 

11. Understanding and responding to an Asocial encounter