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Cliff Kincaid: June 11, 2018

WVW Broadcast Network has been warning people for many years that just as there is a war between conservatives and liberals within protestantism so there is within the Church of Rome. While WVW Broadcast Network does not agree with the doctrines of the Church of Rome, we do find it important to understand what is happening at the Vatican in light of world affairs. Thus in this news broadcast host Cliff Kincaid interviews Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News concerning the new film, "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word.” This interview highlights the war between the left and right going on even with the Church of Rome. As you will hear this film promotes "Mother Earth," and constitutes propaganda for the global left. In this show, Gaspers joins Cliff Kincaid for a discussion as to whether the Obama Administration worked with the Jesuit Pope to overthrow his predecessor, Pope Benedict.  Did Francis funnel money from the Vatican bank into the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton?  Is Pope Francis trying to be a New Age messiah?

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