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Brannon Howse: October 16, 2017

Antifa/communist groups have organized a national faith task force. Topic: Update on the Antifa attempts at at an “Arab Spring” in the fall of November 4, 2017 in America. As we have discussed, Antifa/communists are calling for the beginning of a civil war on November 4th. While this could turn out to be nothing, experts are warning that this group is very determined. Hear the audio of religious leftist, Tom Carey of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Los Angeles as he calls for overthrowing the Pence/Trump regime. Topic: The average age of Antifa thugs that were arrested for being involved in violence in Berkeley recently was 30. So the average Antifa thug is not necessarily a college student but more like the Weather Unground terrorists of the 1960s. Topic: Philip Haney, retired Homeland Security officer says these Antifa thugs are hardcore people and will take it to the brink to accomplish their goals. Topic: Department of Homeland Security warns that Antifa groups maybe getting terrorist training overseas. Topic: Muslim Brotherhood brags in an Egyptian newspaper that they have been successful in compromising and controlling members of Congress. Topic: FBI stumped by motive of Jihadi that stabbed people in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2016. Here is clue FBI, he was shouting “Allahu Akbar” and ISIS claimed he is one of their soldiers. How can we trust these folks to keep your country safe. Answer—-you can’t. Topic: Brandeis University that has been called a “School for Terrorists” and has produced a few of the Weather Unground terrorists of the 1960s and more recently, Muslim terrorist Aafia Siddiqui who is known as “Lady of Al Qaeda.” This is what many of the universities of America are producing though their Marxist and anti-American courses. Topic: We take your calls.

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Brannon Howse

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Brannon Howse is the the president & founder of Worldview Weekend, and WVW Broadcast Network that includes WVW-TV & Worldview Radio. As the author of thirteen books, Brannon has been a guest on more than 2,000 radio and television programs and has been featured in such publications as the Washington Times and appeared on such television programs as The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News & MSNBC among others. 

Brannon is the host of a national radio program that is broadcast nation-wide each day from 1-2pm CT on numerous Christian radio stations, and is the host of The Worldview Weekend Hour, a weekly television program that is viewed in 120 nations around the world.

For many years, Brannon was the education reporter and frequent guest host of The Michael Reagan Program. Michael Reagan is the eldest son of President Reagan and Brannon was honored to host Michael's program the week of President Reagan's funeral. Brannon was the literary agent for Michael Reagan's book, Twice Adopted. 

Due to his area of expertise, Brannon was featured for many years as a frequent guest on the radio program of Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy, Ken Hamblin, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Phyllis Schlafly, & Beverly LaHaye's Concerned Women For America, among others. 

Brannon is the founder of Worldview Weekend which has organized Worldview Weekend Conferences in more than 300 cities. Brannon is the President of Worldview Radio and WVW-TV which produces and distributes the Biblical radio and television programs of nearly 20 different hosts world-wide. Many of these 20 programs are produced from the Memphis, Tennessee TV and radio studios of WVW-TV & Worldview Radio.  

Brannon's understanding of worldviews, trends, and global events has resulted in people attending his two-day training session that work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The National Security Agency, an Assistant District attorney of one of the largest cities in America, military officers, police and sheriff officers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, pastors, and successful business owners. Brannon's reputation as a compelling and credible speaker resulted in his being honored as the keynote speaker for the 50th Annual Governor's Prayer Breakfast in Iowa a few years ago. 

Brannon has built his reputation and credibility by being known for his in-depth research and meticulous documentation as well as for taking complex issues and breaking them down in a way anyone from students to adults can understand and apply to their worldview.