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The Berean Call: September 23, 2019

Dave, I want to continue the discussion we had last week by quoting some verses from the prophet Zechariah. But before I do, just before our last segment ended last week, you were mentioning that Jews who accept Jesus as their Messiah, prior to His second coming, become part of the Bride of Christ. Now, are you saying that Jews then have to become Christians? You know I know the answer to that, but I say that for the sake of some people out there, because some Jews who may be listening, say, that might be offensive to them.

Dave: Well, the first Christians were all Jews, of course, but they didn’t call themselves Christians, and Jesus did not call them Christians. If we go to the Book of Acts, we find Acts 11, the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. That actually is where they had the first Gentile church, and so I guess it was the Gentile believers who were called Christians.

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