Michael Furchert

Michael Furchert was raised behind the Berlin Wall in Communist East Germany. Michael's grandfather was a public school teacher and pastor in Germany during
the rise of Hitler. Michael’s grandfather lost his teaching position and church
because he refused to deny Jesus Christ and join the Nazi Party. Later when it
was discovered he was teaching a Bible study in his home, he was shipped off to
war in hope he would not return alive. He did return only to go from living under
the rule of the Nazis to being under the rule of the Communist. Michael’s father
lost his job under the regime of Communist East Germany because of his public
profession of his Christian testimony. With this as the backdrop, Michael calls the
church in America to stop relying on politics to change our nation but to actively
proclaim the gospel and live out our Biblical worldview regardless of whether we
live under freedom or tyranny. Michael believes the church in America must come
to terms with the coming persecution of the west. This is your opportunity to hear
a Biblical message on how the church should respond to living under persecution
from a man and his family that do so and so and experienced God’s faithfulness
and they refused to compromise the gospel.
When the Berlin Wall went up, Michael’s parents and siblings were separated
from Michael’s grandparents as Michael’s family lived in East Germany. Michael’s
family was allowed to leave East Germany for eleven days to go into West
Germany for the 60th wedding anniversary of his grandparents. East German
officials were stunned that this request to travel had been granted by high
ranking officials. The reason God permitted them to leave for eleven days was
because Michael’s father had been faithful in a public proclamation of the gospel
that fell on the ears of a Communist official and the reason they chose to return
was because they knew God had called them to minister to a small group of
believers in Communist East Germany.
As a teenager, Michael publically stood alone in his Communist public school as a
Christian that refused to side with the atheistic faith of Communism. Speaking of
those days Michael says:
There was no spotlight as I took my stand for Christ. There was no
applause, no standing ovation, no rewards, and no fame to gain for a
Christian commitment under Communism. There was only my love for
Him, my gratefulness for what He had done for me, and my willingness
to follow Him no matter the cost. Yet I had a freedom that surpassed all
freedom in Christ. I had a God with whom I could overcome the efforts of
the Communist government to suppress any show of Christianity.
Michael was a guest on Worldview Weekend radio for two days and these
programs received a huge response. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear
Michael speak twice at our 2013 Branson Worldview Weekend as well as play the
piano. Michael is a very gifted concert pianist.