Justin Peters

It has been my joy to know and love Justin Peters since the day of his birth. It was my pleasure to baptize him and to participate in his service of ordination.
I have followed him with my love, concern and prayers through the years of his life. Almost from the beginning of his life, I felt that God had very special plans for Justin in work of ministry.
I believe that Justin is a young man who is completely dedicated to Christ and His cause. He is a man of total integrity and who possesses a genuine Christian spirit of love and compassion for others, with a deep desire to serve God and persons.
God has already used Justin in some very significant ways in his preaching and especially Revival preaching. At Edwards Baptist Church where I serve as interim pastor, he has supplied for me a good many times in my absence. The members of that church have been carried away with Justin and his messages, and always rejoice when he can supply there. Justin has a keen mind and has prepared himself well in every way.
It is my joy to commend him without any reservations whatever.
Dr. John G. McCall
Pastor Emeritus First Baptist Church
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Bachelor of Arts: Economics, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi - 1995 
Master of Divinity: (Biblical Languages) Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas - May 2000 
Master of Theology: (New Testament Major / Theology Minor) Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas - December 2002 
Born: April 21, 1973 
Saved: April of 1980 
Licensed to the Ministry: First Baptist Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi - 1996 
Ordained to the Ministry: Meadowview Baptist Church, Starkville, Mississippi - 1997 
Commissioned as Staff Evangelist: First Baptist Church, Vicksburg, Mississippi - 2003 
Married to Kathy-August 7, 2010 
The influence of two loving Christian parents coupled with the challenges of Cerebral Palsy led Justin to begin inquiring about salvation at an early age. Shortly after a visit with his then pastor, Dr. John G. McCall, God graciously saved Justin at age seven. God's call on Justin's life to vocational ministry came in November 1995 while attending Mississippi State University.
"As stated above, I do have a moderate case of Cerebral Palsy. God has used my handicap to keep me dependent upon Him and to help shape me into the man He wants me to be (a work in progress for all of us). That my Cerebral Palsy is a part of my ministry, there can be no doubt. However, it is not the center of my ministry. As an invited guest to your church or ministerial endeavor, I pledge that I will never under any circumstances use my handicap to emotionally manipulate your people for money and/or decisions. I have seen this tactic employed by some; it will not be employed by me. Any decision based upon emotion alone is a false decision."