Billy Vaughn

Billy Vaughn was born and raised in West Tennessee and moved to Florida in 1998.

He is the Gold Star father of fallen Navy SEAL Team VI Special Warfare Operations Chief, Aaron Carson Vaughn.

Aaron lost his life in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan when a helo carrying 30 Americans was shot down while rushing into battle as a quick reaction force. The shoot down of Extortion 17 marked the single largest one day loss of life in the history of Naval Special Warfare and the single largest one day loss of life in the entire War on Terror.

Since Aaron’s death, Billy has become an advocate for our war fighters…exposing the criminal Rules of Engagement which have unnecessarily cost so many their lives. In 2013 Billy authored the book “Betrayed,” which detailed the days, weeks and months after his son’s death, as he began compiling devastating information surrounding the shoot down and subsequent cover up.

Billy Vaughn has spent a considerable amount of time on Capitol Hill, and has appeared on many local, state and national radio and television news outlets.