2-Year Situation Room Membership

Situation Room


You will notice there is a box on the Situation Room homepage that is for an access code. You don’t need an access code if you purchased the Situation Room online. The access code is ONLY for people that purchased a Situation Room card at a conference or through the mail. Those that purchased the Situation Room online only need to use their e-mail address and they password they chose when setting up their account.

The Situation Room

After our radio and television programs are made available for several days to the general public for free, as a broadcast ministry of Worldview Weekend and Worldview Weekend Foundation, they then roll into the Situation Room for members where they are achieved. As of January of 2014, if you were to purchase each item achieved inside the Situation Room the cost would over $50,000.00. We have programming archived back to 2004, including radio programs from 2007 to present day. In addition to the Worldview Weekend Radio program and TV program we achieve all the radio and television programs of our broadcast partners including the radio and/or TV programs of:

Tommy Ice
David Farnell
Usama Dakdok
Mike Gendron
John Loeffler
Chris Pinto
Jesse Johnson
T.A. McMahon
Jimmy DeYoung
Susan Heck (Ladies Bible Study)
John Whitcomb
Mike Riddle

You will also find program transcripts, EBooks, and audio books inside the Situation Room. The Worldview Weekend Situation Room is where members understand the times through a Biblical worldview.

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