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Brannon Howse spent more than three years writing this book and even more years conducting the required research. While the hardcover comes out the second or third week of September and will be mailed then to all who have made a pre-order online, the e-book documentary is available now. Why is it called an e-book documentary? The Religious Trojan Horse e-book has almost 100 video links embedded within its digital pages. When Brannon tells you about the ranting’s of a false teacher you are often able to click a link and view the person making their heretical proclamation. Brannon then reveals from God’s Word why exactly their proclamations are not Biblical. When Brannon reports how well-known New Religious Right leaders are working in spiritual enterprises with false teachers you can click a link and view a video of this activity yourself. This e-book documentary exposes the ideas, philosophies, theology, and doctrines of the New Religious Right, spiritual left, and Neo-evangelicals that are building a religious Trojan horse and how Biblically committed Christians must respond. In addition to video clips, this e-book documentary is loaded with almost 600 footnotes and many of them include hyperlinks to the sources being quoted. This is the future—where publishing and multimedia come together to enhance your learning, understanding, and interest. If you want to understand the times and how God would have you respond then purchase your copy of the Religious Trojan Horse e-book documentary and begin reading and watching. Once you start, you will not be able to put it down.


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