Situation Room Gift Card

Situation Room Gift Card

Give the gift of the Situation Room! This includes a 1 year membership card and 4 free DVDs.

This product item is for those that want to purchase the Situation Room for someone as a gift.

Purchase the Worldview Weekend Situation Room as a gift for someone and we will mail you, or the recipient depending on which you prefer, a access card to the Situation Room that allows them to establish their account with a password and e-mail address of their choosing. Along with the Situation Room access card we will also send along four of the Religious Trojan Horse DVDs that include over eight hours of teaching so they have something to open on Christmas Morning.

Hundreds of mp3 Recordings of Worldview Weekend Keynote Presentations by Nationally Known Speakers
Several thousand mp3 Recordings of Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon Howse (Every program since September 11, 2007)
The Worldview Weekend Hour TV Program on Demand
Several hundred Worldview Weekend DVDs presentations on Demand and More Being Added as New DVDs Are Produced each month
All Brannon's Books in E-Book Format
Transcripts of Some of the Best Worldview Weekend Radio Programs
Gain Access to the archives of multiple radio shows

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