Branson 2016 Worldview Weekend Keynote Presentations (On a Thumb Drive)

Branson 2016 Worldview Weekend Keynote Presentations (14 video presentations On a Thumb Drive) Order Now and this product will be shipped the first of June 2016, when the presentations have all been post-edited. 

Normal Price: $140.00
Special Thumb Drive Price: Only $24.99

We are now offering all 15 presentations on a thumb drive as mp4 videos. We are not offering DVDs any longer because of the lack of interest in DVDs. You can stream all the presentations on demand as a member of the Situation Room at (look under the tab library) or you can order 14 keynote presentations on a thumb drive. You can plug the thumb drive into your computer and watch them on your computer or even hook your computer to a flat screen TV and watch in that manner. 

We are offering this option because some of you have requested it.


Presentations include:


What Every Christian Should Know (By Brannon Howse)

Why & How Many Conservative Christians Are Being Marginalized and Manipulated At Their Own Church Through a Psychological Process (By Brannon Howse)

Revealing The Truth Faith of Islam (By Shahram Hadian) 

Is God Using Islam To Judge The World (By Shahram Hadian)

A Gospel Sacrifice (By Jesse Johnson)

Forgiving King (By Jesse Johnson)

Biblical Masculinity, Feminism and the Canary in the Cultural Coalmine (By Mike Abendroth)

Style Over Substance: Orthodox Doctrine, C.S. Lewis and the Gospel (By Mike Abendroth)

Why Are Churches Declining (By Rob Congdon)

Battle of God-Magog: When? (By Rob Congdon)

The Greatest Prophecy Conference Ever Held: A Study of Matthew 24 (By Dr. Jimmy DeYoung)

Questions and Answers with Dr. DeYoung (Brannon Howse interviews Dr. Jimmy DeYoung)

The Controversial Bread of Life (By Mike Gendron)

Rescuing Catholics From Pope Francis (By Mike Gendron) 



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