WVW-TV Presents: What Happens To Babies & Young Children When They Die?

WVW-TV Presents: This program will bring hope & peace to those that have lost a child. What does the Bible say about the death of born and unborn babies and young children? What does God Himself say about small children that cannot discern right from wrong or good from evil or their left hand from their right hand? Why are babies and small children that are not at the age of accountability covered by a special kind of grace and what Scripture seems to indicate this truth? Understanding how God judges the unbeliever and for what He judges the unbeliever will help us understand why children before the age of accountability are covered by a special kind of grace. The reality is that all true Christians are only spared from the wrath of God because of grace. What does the Greek word believe mean? Why would it be impossible for a child that does not know their right hand from their left to have a saving faith of belief? Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room for members only. Click here to watch now:
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