One Hour Premier of Siege The DocuMovie Sunday Night 8pm CT: Watch Short Clips Now

One-Hour Premier of Siege the DocuMovie on Sunday Night 8pm CT.

Text WVW to 88202 to receive a text reminder and link to watch for free. Also follow us at www.livestream.com/wvwtv  [2]

You can order this docuMovie now at www.siegethemovie.com [3] that ships the first week of December 2019. This makes a great Christmas gift.
This fast paced docuMovie is like watching a Tom Clancy movie except this is real life. 

Watch Overview Clips of this 8 hour and 22 minute DocuMovie Now: 

Siege Part 1 Clip: Cultural Marxism & War on Christitanity & Capitalism
https://youtu.be/sbjev1OZi1A [4]

Siege Part 2 Clip: Tavistock Institute, Psychological Warfare & Brainwashing
https://youtu.be/SBg7nb0HkaY [5]

Siege Part 3 Clip: Agenda 2030, Nazi Ecology & Setting up Conservatives
https://youtu.be/SlGxpwjzyFQ [6]

Siege Part 4 Clip: Fake Collapse of Communism & The New Cold War
https://youtu.be/gEKUWbfW_6c [7]

Siege Part 5 Clip: Red-Green Axis, Communist Front Groups & Marxianity 
https://youtu.be/0iTIT9itrOA [8]


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