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Monday, February 27th
WVW-TV Presents: How Abrogation Reveals Errors in the Koran with Host Usama Dakdok   If you appreciate our broadcast...
Saturday, February 18th
WVW-TV Presents This Special Report: Hear From Dozens of Experts on the Threat of a Terrorist Cyber-Attack On The U.S. Power-Grid, Banking, & Critical Infrastructure (3 Hours of Programs Combined...
Thursday, February 16th
WVW-TV Presents: The Worldview of Globalist George Soros Exposed (Part 2) This program is brought to you in part as a ministry of Worldview Weekend Foundation. Thank you for your tax deductible...
Tuesday, February 14th
A Verse By Verse Study of Revelation (Lesson #11)  This program is brought to you in part as a ministry of Worldview Weekend Foundation. Thank you for your support at  Watch...
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Tuesday, October 10th
Author(s): Lael Arrington

No More Ms. Nice Guy: Do O'Donnell and Coulter Signal the Demise of Tolerance and Respect?  I predicted Rosie O'Donnell's recent outburst on The View. To a table full of fellow authors and speakers gathered for the International Christian Retail Show in Denver this past July I said, "I think we're about to see a step change in the level of outright hostility toward Christians. I think even the pretense of tolerance will give way to mainstream mocking and attack with an intensity we've not previously seen." Two months later we were watching Rosie reruns on the nightly news declaring that, "...

Monday, October 9th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

What to Ask Yourself Before You Teach the Bible Jim ElliffThe result of our teaching is entirely God's business. But it is our business to be as prepared as possible. This not only means that we must know our subject, but that we must be spiritually-minded and intentional. The following are questions to ask yourself before you teach others:Have I prayed?Do I consciously and desperately need the Spirit?Do I believe that my hearers must hear what I have to say?Am I attempting to live by the truths I am presenting?Will my demeanor and words reflect the beauty and significance of the passage?Do I...

Monday, October 9th
Author(s): Todd Tomasella

Note From The Editor of CWN: The following article is the opinion of the writer and NOT Christian Worldview Network. The editor of this site, Brannon Howse, holds to the belief that we  have the freedom of choice and we are freely chosen; two sides of a coin. Brannon also believes in eternal security but he does not believe in easy believism. If you don't agree with Todd's article, don't get mad at CWN. This site is for many reasons including offering a place for Christians to debate the issues of our day; so debate, make your case and see if you can convince others of the validity of your...

Monday, October 9th
Author(s): J. Michael Sharman

What Does a Child Molester Look Like? Michael Sharman What does a child molester look like?When the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office went to arrest 49 year-old Tony Deal on a warrant out of Wisconsin for a charge of using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime[1], he looked like their neighbor. In fact, his apartment where they arrested him and seized his computers and illegal images was on the same block as the courthouse, the sheriff's office and the jail.[2]            We wouldn't have seen Deal's face on any sexual offender registry. Deal's only publicly recorded conviction was back...

Monday, October 9th
Author(s): Mark Creech

The Role of Faith in Conservative American PoliticsBy Rev. Mark H. CreechChurches of the late Middle Ages are well known for embodying a Christian worldview in their architecture. No where is this better demonstrated than in the Gothic Cathedral at Chartes, France. This cathedral, which was built during the 12th century, supposedly pictures the kingdom of heaven on earth. In his book, Earth Restored, John Barber says "[t]he west façade, one of the most glorious of all Gothic structures, is harmonized through decoration and proportion to give it an upward, reaching effect -- reaching toward...

Sunday, October 8th
Author(s): K. Jentoft

 False Prophets and Isolationist Propaganda I am a refugee from the modern "apostles and prophets" movement where men claimed the authority of God for their own words.  The system was abusive and controlling, and it attacked  the freedom of the gospel. Now, within the conservative ranks,  I am witnessing the same defective usurping of God's authority by false prophets. These self-proclaimed theological police promote isolationist propaganda and declare that certain websites are not holy enough for their words. Here is what I propose: the practice of promoting isolationist propaganda and...

Friday, October 6th
Author(s): Michael K. Whitehead

 It was twenty five years ago today, October 6, 1981.   Widmar v. Vincent,   a case that fathered the doctrine of "equal access" in religious speech cases, came on for oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court.  [1]   I was 31 years old, seated at counsel table beside my 35 year-old partner, James M. Smart, Jr.,  who argued-- and won -- the case that day for Clark Vincent and ten college students from UMKC.  Twenty five years later, I plan to have lunch today with the Honorable James M. Smart, Jr., a judge on the Missouri Court of Appeals, hosted by my son, Jonathan,  a 2004...

Friday, October 6th

              6 - The Christian and Conservative Taliban    I had not intended to send out a commentary this week due to our annual event beginning tonight. However, Gary Bauer has sent out a warning that Christians and Conservatives must take seriously. Bauer was one of my conference speakers in the spring of 2005 and has had a handle on Washington since the Reagan Administration. I am summarizing his comments."In the decades I have spent in Washington 'fighting the good fight,' I don't think I have ever seen politics sink to this cesspool level. It is becoming clearer by the day that a...


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