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Saturday, July 22nd
WVW-TV Presents: Refuting The Islamic Propaganda of Jihadi Imam Yasir Qadhi (Program 4 of 4) This is the final TV program of 4 that host Brannon Howse did with Usama Dakdok and Shahram Hadian...
Tuesday, July 18th
                                    I am grieved to have to release this statement—grieved that ministers of the gospel launch personal attacks on other ministers just for disagreeing with public...
Friday, July 14th
The following is a statement that was sent to one of our supporters named Kim by a ministry representative of Grace to You whose title is listed as Internet Ministry Coordinator. Kim e-mailed him to...
Thursday, July 13th
                              E-mail I Recevied from From Grace Community Church. June 30, 2017.      Mr. Howse:  I wanted to send you this email in response to your phone call to Grace Community...
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Recent Articles

Wednesday, December 20th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Fighting for the symbols of Christmas  Sometimes I struggle with a common dilemma of those who write regular columns--writer's block. Looking for some help, one morning, I asked for ideas from a fellow at the fitness center. As he offered ideas for my column, he mentioned a Christmas theme. He suggested that we need to move beyond the debate about the symbols of Christmas to the realities they represent. Although this gentleman is Jewish, he has a high degree of respect for the right of Christians to celebrate Christmas. He simply believes too much emphasis is focused on fighting over the...

Tuesday, December 19th
Author(s): Jill Martin Rische

Sherlock Holmes and the Eternal Mystery  Most people remember Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant sleuth of Baker Street. What is not so well known is that Sir Arthur was a Spiritualist-and a singularly dedicated one. He traveled the world with his family for the express purpose of spreading the message that the dead survived death, and could communicate with the living.In his book Wanderings of a Spiritualist (1921), Doyle recounts his personal experiences in séances and spiritualist "Rescue Circles," where believers would help a lost soul find its way to...

Tuesday, December 19th


Author(s): Walter Martin

I've Got Legs!A few years ago, I experienced something I believed could never happen to me.  I was a philosophical theologian-I'm still a philosophical theologian-but now I'm a theologian who believes in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.     The Lord brought me to this belief in a miraculous way.  I knew the answers theologically and apologetically, but experientially I'd never seen the evidence that Jesus Christ is alive.  Someone may say, "Well, every newborn soul is evidence."  Of course it is, but to the person who's philosophically oriented you need more evidence then just a testimony...

Tuesday, December 19th
Author(s): Dwayna Litz

Public Clarification: I thank everyone who has emailed with questions concerning the article posted recently on Hank Hanegraaff. I wanted to clarify my motive for writing the article and offer a concise summary with the sincere apology of evidently not making the article easy enough for some people to understand. It is a complex situation, and I also have questions which are not being answered. I will try to simplify and list some of these questions below: Recently, Hank Hanegraaff sided with "The Local Church". ("The LocalChurch" is an organization, not the body of Christ as the Bible calls...

Tuesday, December 19th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

'TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY?By Jim Elliff"'Tis the Season to be jolly?" Well, maybe. The business of Christmas, that is, the hard and cold commercial trade of the Thanksgiving to Christmas sales window, is a measure of how well America is doing. It's the thermometer in our corporate mouths. Needs are created through the media in order to entice the buyer into purchasing more this year than last. No one is to be disappointed at Christmas, after all. The manipulation is as blatant toward children as adults. And who can bring themselves to crush the psyche of anyone by not giving them all they...

Tuesday, December 19th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse and Jan discuss the plight of Evangelicalism today. It is moving so far left that the word is meaningless? Brannon and Jan name the names of those we should be cautious of as some of their teachings, though called evangelical, are harming the body of Christ. You listen and you decide as some of the facts are put forth.

Monday, December 18th
Author(s): Robert Meyer

Why I can't be an atheist Part 3: Expedient definitions and bogus illustrationsDefining atheism is a daunting undertaking. It can be an elusive moving target, with constantly varying definitions and ramifications. The dictionary of philosophy defines atheism as: "Belief that god does not exist. Unlike the agnostic, who merely criticizes traditional arguments for the existence of a deity, the atheist must offer evidence that there is no god or propose a strong principle for denying what is not known to be true." Yet when this definition is applied, the atheist objects profusely. The atheist...

Sunday, December 17th
Author(s): Dwayna Litz

Bible Answer Man Sues Apologists? The self-styled "Bible Answer Man" will have to give an answer to God someday.[1] He will have to give an answer for why he has sued a Christian brother and is now suing another Christian brother in a court of law and disobeying the Bible, the Bible he quotes famously as the "Bible AnswerMan." Hank additionally is siding with the "LocalChurch" in a lawsuit against apologists and Harvest House Publishing.[2] Is Hank's foray into these legal battles indicative of biblical incredulity on his part in light of passages such as 1 Corinthians 6, or does he just not...


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