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Wednesday, April 25th
The following is a portion of the transcript from Brannon’s television program The Worldview Weekend Hour. To read the entire transcript and the embedded video clips go to  ...
Tuesday, April 24th
WVW-TV: David Platt, Tim Keller, & The Neo-Calvinists, Neo-Evangelicals Bring Cultural Marxism Into Mainstream Evangelicalism Click here to listen now:
Tuesday, April 10th
              How We Are Losing Our Freedom of Religion & Speech For press interviews please e-mail: [email protected] or call or text 573-216-9400     Brannon Howse: Good evening....
Monday, April 9th
                                        Exposing The Religious Trojan Horse of The Globalist Deep State (Part 1 & 2) Click here to watch now: Part 1:
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Sunday, January 14th

 By Ken Silva  I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. [1] Dr. T.D. Jakes Does Not Believe In GodIn this piece I offer more information about Ed Young, Jr. having Oneness Pentecostal and Word Faith mogul Dr. T.D. Jakes at his Creative Church Conference 2007 (C3 2007) in February. Leaving aside other heresies in this pillar of Satan's Ecumenical Church of Deceit  the central issue with T.D. Jakes is his patent denial of the cardinal (non-negotiable) doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Here is a...

Saturday, January 13th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

New Political Meddling Could Make Iraq Our Next VietnamBy Brannon Howse  Imagine this not-so-unimaginable scenario: A police officer pulls up to a house where a domestic disturbance has been reported. As the officer approaches the house, a man wielding a gun bursts out the front door, aims his weapon at the officer, and screams, "I'm going to kill you!" The officer has no place to take cover. What would a reasonable law enforcement official do in such a situation?  Any officer will tell you that if a man is pointing a gun at him and yelling that he is going to shoot the officer, the policeman...

Saturday, January 13th
Author(s): Kerby Anderson

Truth Decayby Kerby Anderson  We live in a world that has dramatically changed its view of truth and thus have inherited an ethical system that denies the existence of truth. The worldview of the 21st century is postmodernism, and the dominant ethical system of the last two centuries has been relativism. Postmodernism is built upon the belief that truth doesn't exist except as the individual wants it to exist. Truth isn't objective or absolute. Truth is personal and relative. Postmodernism isn't really a set of doctrines or truth claims. It is a completely new way of dealing with the world of...

Thursday, January 11th
Author(s): Dwayna Litz

The Futility of "Practicing God's Presence" I was listening to a speaker last night on contemplative prayer, and she closed one of her sessions encouraging everyone to spend 30 minutes or so in silence practicing the reality of God's presence.What is wrong with this? Why is this impossible?God is perfect, and "the reality of His presence" needs no practicing!Though it sounds intellectually and mystically impressive, it actually does not mean anything, because there is no way to practice something perfect. God's presence is perfect. How about practicing staying away from sin or practicing one...

Thursday, January 11th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Using The Moral Law to Train the Heart and Mind of a Child To Follow Christ By Brannon Howse  To order Brannon's book, Christian Worldview For Children: How To Train the Heart and Mind of a Child to Follow Christ, please click on this link: In order for children to understand God, we must teach them the moral law because moral law is a reflection of God's character and nature. Everything consistent with the character and nature of God is truth, and everything contrary is untruth. Parents must connect the Word of God, the...

Wednesday, January 10th
Author(s): Thomas E. Brewton

Can Voters Make the Decision to Pull Out of Iraq?By Thomas E. BrewtonIf voters are well enough informed to make the complex decision about  pulling out of Iraq, why do we need liberal-socialist-progressive  government to tell them how to live their daily lives?Liberal Republicans and liberal Democrats say that the American  people voted in the latest Congressional elections to pull our troops  out of Iraq, sooner rather than later.  Is that the whole story, and  is it a valid basis for forming life-or-death foreign policy?On the one hand, liberals are, in effect, adopting Ross Perot's idea ...

Wednesday, January 10th
Author(s): Dwayna Litz

"One Punk Under God" For a "Revolution"   Jay Bakker, son of Jim Bakker, is the pastor of a church in NYC: Apparently, the "revolution" is emerging all over CNN and the media:   CNN COMMENTARY PIECEYou can read it here. [Copied from web site](Warning: I don't even want to write the title of this article)!  CNN ARTICLE One Punk Under God. Here it is. [Copied from web site] Titles of books offered on their site (in the Brian McLaren "styled" collection) include: Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, The Secret Message of Jesus, and Misquoting Jesus: The...


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