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Wednesday, April 25th
The following is a portion of the transcript from Brannon’s television program The Worldview Weekend Hour. To read the entire transcript and the embedded video clips go to  ...
Tuesday, April 24th
WVW-TV: David Platt, Tim Keller, & The Neo-Calvinists, Neo-Evangelicals Bring Cultural Marxism Into Mainstream Evangelicalism Click here to listen now:
Tuesday, April 10th
              How We Are Losing Our Freedom of Religion & Speech For press interviews please e-mail: [email protected] or call or text 573-216-9400     Brannon Howse: Good evening....
Monday, April 9th
                                        Exposing The Religious Trojan Horse of The Globalist Deep State (Part 1 & 2) Click here to watch now: Part 1:
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Recent Articles

Thursday, November 8th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Is the Bible really from God Part? 2Steve Cornell My purpose in these posts on the origin of the bible relates to a perceived deficit in some contemporary expressions within the evangelical Church. Some of the most prominent leaders in these expressions have not received careful training in Scripture. As a result, many truths considered basic have been passed over or questioned. Reaffirming these basic truths appears to be the need of the hour.  Two important biblical terms related to the origin of the Bible:  I. Revelation  A. Definition: The unveiling or disclosure of divine truth from and...

Thursday, November 8th
Author(s): Kerby Anderson

Verbal AbuseKerby Anderson  Of all the radio programs I have done and all of the articles I have written, I regularly receive more e-mails on one topic than any other. That subject is verbal abuse. I am always receiving e-mails from women (and some men) about a verbally abusive relationship they are in and have come across the material on the Probe website. Perhaps you are in such a relationship or know someone who is in a verbally abusive relationship. It is also possible that no one even knows your circumstances or you have a friend and do not know what he or she is going through. Verbal...

Wednesday, November 7th
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

Let's Protect American Jobs by Phyllis Schlafly, November 7, 2007 "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is an old verse that just isn't true. Indeed, words can hurt, break up marriages, destroy careers, and defeat political candidates.Even words out of one's own mouth can be destructive. We recall such bloopers as presidential candidate George Romney self-destructing his 1968 presidential candidacy with the word "brainwashing," or Gerald Ford losing in 1976 after saying "there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe," or Richard Nixon pleading "I am not a...

Wednesday, November 7th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

America's Pro-Family Leaders Selling Out Pro-Family Values: Latest Hypocrisy is Pat Robertson's Endorsement of Giuliani Thomasson: "Pat Robertson is casting a blind eye to Rudy Giuliani's big-time advocacy of the transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual agenda" Campaign for Children and Families does not support or oppose candidates for public office, and provides the following information solely for educational purposes.SACRAMENTO, Nov. 7 /Standard Newswire/ -- Campaign for Children and Families (CCF), a leading West Coast pro-family organization, condemns the selling out of family values in...

Monday, November 5th
Author(s): Marvin Sanders

The Liberals Want To Dismantle America I am finding it to be more and more obvious. America is a wonderful place to live. Having said that, I must add a caveat. In listening to them talk, I deduce that many liberals don't understand that. America is a horrible place in their eyes. We have poor people. We have a strong military. We have many people who have a lot of good things in their lives. In their minds, we would be much better off if we would lose our American identity and submerge ourselves into the global scheme of things. Ultimately this scheme leads to Elites and peasants. The middle...

Monday, November 5th
Author(s): Barry Rubin

The Media Comedy ClubBarry RubinNovember 1, 2007One of the dubious rewards of spending too much time reading newspapers on the Middle East are the laughs derived from those wonderful little phrases that seem logical but are so profoundly bizarre. Some indicate media bias but they are more often the result of some reporter or newsmaker who so takes for granted the bizarro, flat-earth version of the Middle East as to be blissfully unaware of the yawning contradiction in what they say.For example, here's a great sentence in a rather good survey of European attitudes toward intensifying sanctions...

Monday, November 5th

The New EvangelicalismBy Jan  When I first filtered into an evangelical church at the age of 14, defining the term "evangelical" was simple, even for a kid my age. Without having to be told, I concluded evangelicals preached a solid gospel, emphasized evangelism and missions, majored in soul-winning and minored in social issues, abstained from some worldly values, were faithful in church attendance, Bible reading, and generally had a biblical worldview.  I was never ashamed of the old definition of "evangelicalism."Those churches are still around, but something...

Monday, November 5th
Author(s): Ray Comfort

Police ShootoutNovember 5, 2007The police had their guns drawn and aimed at both Kirk and me as we lay in the dirt. I could hardly believe what was happening. Just seconds earlier we had been standing on a sidewalk, when two police cars sped towards us with their sirens blaring. We ran down the sidewalk, threw a bag of money into the trunk of our car, and like two terrified gazelles, ran into an open park. That's when we heard instructions to hit the dirt and toss our guns.As I lay on my face, I listened to my loud breathing. The ski mask I was wearing was hindering my intake, and I was...


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