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Sunday, September 23rd
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Monday, September 17th
Monday, September 17th
Hear the new audio of Matt Chandler telling an HBO program that Obama is a “great man” and because pastors and ministers did not help explain his policies, it led to evangelicals being really scared...
Monday, September 17th
Worldview Weekend Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027 901-825-0652 (Please take not of our new ministry phone number. You can also text us at this number)   Dear Friends, In this WVW...
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Thursday, November 29th

Annapolis: Having Tea with the Mad Hatter Well, it has been quite a week for the peacemakers. Watching the carnival unfold at Annapolis this week, I was inspired to reach for Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland, where the main character falls down a rabbit-hole into a world far removed from our own, one where the rules of logic and common sense simply do not apply.Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal declared that he would not even shake Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's hand, and on Monday, the Saudi embassy in Washington expelled Israeli journalists from its premises for seeking to...

Wednesday, November 28th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Overcoming the destructive power of angerBy Steve Cornell young couple recently admitted that they were blindsided by anger on their honeymoon. The wife didn't even realize how much anger was in her heart. She grew up in a home where anger was not handled well. She vowed not to let it be part of her life but the intensity of marriage produced too many occasions for anger. "Why is it so hard to recognize an anger problem in your life?" she asked me. "Perhaps" I recommended, "because anger always carries an element of self-justification." When we feel "right" to...

Wednesday, November 28th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

* * * * FLASH TRAFFIC: WASHINGTON UPDATE * * * * AFTER ANNAPOLIS: WHAT NOW FOR ARAB-ISRAELI PEACE? By Joel C. RosenbergThe President should visit Israel soon and address the Knesset in Jerusalem. By Joel C. Rosenberg (Washington, D.C., November 28, 2007) -- How should we assess the Annapolis conference? First, the good news: * President Bush, to his great credit, is doing everything he possibly can to keep another horrible war from breaking out in the epicenter. I don't think in the end he will be successful, but I strongly applaud him for trying. He is following the words of Jesus, "Blessed...

Tuesday, November 27th
Author(s): Peter Jones

Who Stole Our Sacred Canopy?In 1967 sociologist Peter Berger, published The Sacred Canopy. He argued that a culture is held together by a number of shared religious notions that form an unquestioned (often unconscious) "sacred" covering that includes common ideas of goodness, beauty and justice. For centuries Western Civilization has lived under the canopy of Christendom. But that canopy now lies in rags on the cultural floor. A new covering floats over our heads.International travel has helped me see this. I just returned from a trip to Colombia, France and Holland. In Holland we discussed "...

Tuesday, November 27th
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

Feminist Abuse of Domestic Violence Laws by Phyllis Schlafly, November 28, 2007 The radical feminists have devised a scheme to cash in on a flow of taxpayers' money in a big way. Their good buddy Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) has just introduced a bill called I-VAWA (International Violence Against Women Act, S. 2279).I-VAWA earmarks at least 10 percent of its program funds to be granted to a certain type of women's organizations. Biden's press release identifies the favored groups: N.O.W.'s Legal Momentum, Family Violence Prevention Fund, Women's Edge Coalition, and Center for Women's Global...

Tuesday, November 27th
Author(s): Roderick Edwards

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? Bad things do happen therefore there are a few conclusions we can draw:  There is no God in operation (things happen as they happen)That if there is a God "he" is powerless to stop bad thingsThat if there is a God "he" has a purpose in bad things happening   We will not address the first point mainly because this is a Christian article & presupposes God, yet let us just say if there is no God in operation then humans should do whatever it takes to secure their individual happiness & security despite any societal collective. Option #2 is advocated in...

Monday, November 26th
Author(s): Tom DeWeese

Urgent! Wrong Information May Lead to Passage of Very Bad Immigration Bill!Urgent Alert from the American Policy Center November 14, 2007Action Alert! Action Alert!Some of our allies in the fight to stop illegal immigration are circulating alerts asking you to support the SAVE Act (H.R. 4088). This bill, otherwise known as the "Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007" is said to have strong bi-partisan support and is on a fast track for passage.  The American Policy Center has read this legislation and is issuing this alert AGAINST the SAVE Act. Here's why...

Monday, November 26th
Author(s): Ray Comfort

Birthdays and Birds To my amazement, I turn 58 next week. I say "amazement" because life has gone by so quickly. For years I would gently say to any elderly men who cut me off while driving, "Hey, watch it grandpa." I have stopped saying that (I have seven grandchildren). If you are worried about getting old, or you want to consol someone who is, there is one really positive thing about aging. No, it's not senor discounts. It's actually getting old. Think about how many millions didn't get to do that. They died in their youth. Think of the 20 million people who died in the First World War....


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