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Monday, July 25th
Brannon Howse Worldview Library of Eight Books Normal Retail is $133Special Package Price: $64.95 Grave Influence (Hard Cover) Religous Trojan Horse (Hard Cover) The Coming Religious Reich (Hard...
Sunday, July 24th
Thank you for helping to put in the top 108,000 of ALL THE WEBSITES IN THE U.S.A. Our Biblical worldview TV, Radio, & News Network is growing. We are in the top 345,000 of...
Saturday, July 23rd
WVW-TV Presents: How The Globalists Are Letting the Marxists & Muslims Off The Leash To Further Their Agenda of Global Transformation Through Conflict. Watch now before this rolls into the...
Tuesday, July 19th
Prayer is surely one of the most blessed of all privileges afforded the child of God. Just to think that sinners, even forgiven sinners, are invited to approach the throne of grace where we will...
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Saturday, May 26th
Author(s): Russ Young

How to Read the BibleWhile I was serving as an associate pastor I wanted to equip my church with some basic tools in getting to the heart of the scriptures. One easy way to do that, I figured, would be to help our church get a better handle on how to read and study the Bible. Since the Bible is unlike any other book ever written it is important to approach it properly. There are right ways and wrong ways of reading scripture, and must be taken in order to take from it what God intended. It is not a newspaper, or magazine, which bears just a cursory glance, but neither is it so obtuse, as many...

Friday, May 25th
Author(s): Donald Hank

The Bigotry Behind Open Borders by Donald Hank Condescension is Next to Bigotry Advocates of amnesty and open borders love to repeat the mantra "they're just looking for a better way of life." Many of them are Christian groups that have taken pity on immigrants and are willing to violate the law to shelter them. Hidden in this statement is a subtle form of racism, or at the very least, condescension toward Latinos. People who say this assume a lot of things about Latins, all of them essentially false. Let's analyze these words: "better" can only mean that the gringo lifestyle is superior to...

Friday, May 25th
Author(s): Donald Hank

Thank God for the ACLU By Donald Hank Non-believers, particularly on the left, have pointed out for years that Christianity is divisive.  They point tirelessly to the 30 Years' War that killed thousands in the name of God, and to the Spanish Inquisition. Yes, Catholics persecuted, banished and martyred Protestants for hundreds of years, no doubt about it.   Then when the protestants finally clawed their way to the top in Europe, they followed the Catholic model to a tee, persecuting and turned those who disagreed with them, particularly the Anabaptists on the continent and the Quakers in...

Thursday, May 24th
Author(s): Todd Tomasella

IS YOUR SIN REALLY WORTH GOING TO HELL FOR Part 3Only You Can DecideWILL YOU OBEY THE TRUTH OR COP-OUT?One might say "Hey I made peace with God long ago. I am secure and safe, based on that one confession and act of faith toward Christ." Nonsense! 'Once saved always saved' is an unbiblical coward's cop-out! If you will miss hell and be in Heaven, you must trash this lie like the cancerous plague that it is and march forth unreservedly in obedience to the soon to return LORD of all lords who "out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them...

Thursday, May 24th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

THE HEART OF FAMILY REFORMATIONBy Jim ElliffOur family begins the day with the hymn we are currently memorizing. When Laura was five, she sang for all of us the second verse of "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord" by the Yale president of the late 1700s, Timothy Dwight. With a determined look, she sang out,I love Thy church, O God.Her walls before Thee stand.Dear as the apple of Thine eye,And gravy on Thy hand. My boys collapsed on the floor with laughter. The word is "graven!" The kids were telling me just this evening how special our morning worship is. They value it, not only because it is sometimes...

Thursday, May 24th
Author(s): Bill Muehlenberg

Nothing New About "The Secret" Not bad for a get rich quick scheme: peddle some old myths, repackage and cleverly promote them, and get Oprah Winfrey to gush about it, and there you go: instant success, fame and fortune. Pretty good for an Australian single mum in her 50s. The Secret has only been out since late last year, but has already sold around 3 million copies, along with another 2 million DVDs. In just a matter of months Rhonda Byrne has gone from financial difficulty to being worth over $40 million. The former Melbourne television producer (who now resides in LA), has certainly...

Thursday, May 24th
Author(s): Robert Meyer

Farewell To Falwell On May 22cd, they buried a man who had changed the course and structure of American politics as few others in the final quarter of the 20th century. Jerry Falwell's "Moral Majority" became a household brand, and was at least partially responsible for ushering a new era of conservative politics that commenced with the landslide victory of Ronald Reagan in 1980.Of course, those who received the greatest media exposure concerning the passing of Falwell, were his irreverent detractors, who were inclined to uncork the champagne and crack a smile, when the news became official....


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