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Tuesday, January 17th   The following is a transcript of the Worldview Weekend hour with host Brannon Howse As I have warned on my national radio program many times, President Obama has prepared...
Friday, January 13th
                              We Are Combining The Worldview Weekend in the Ozarks & The Contend Worldview Weekend But WHY? 1. Lake of the Ozarks is More Centrally Located 2. We have a limited...
Tuesday, January 10th
Due to the feedback of many of our attendees and to make the weekend more relaxing we are moving the Worldview Weekend north of Branson. This way you show up and park your car and do not have to...
Monday, January 9th
              Worldview Weekend Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027      Dear Friends,    A few years ago we set out to be the premier Biblical worldview...
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Recent Articles

Monday, July 23rd

Homosexual Immorality: What's the Debate?   Washington, D.C. - On August 9, MTV's homosexual cable network, Logo, is hosting the first-ever presidential debate intended to promote the homosexual and transgender (gender identity disorder) lifestyles.  All major presidential candidates have been invited to participate.  To date, all Republican presidential candidates have declined, while all major Democratic candidates have accepted.  Those candidates who have accepted are Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York), Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois), former Sen. John Edwards (D-North Carolina), Sen....

Monday, July 23rd
Author(s): Rusty Wright

"Your Money or Your Life! … or Your Wine?" By Rusty Wright Could offering a cup of human kindness save your life sometime?  It helped protect guests from a menacing gunman at a recent Washington, DC, dinner gathering. Comedian Jack Benny had a famous skit in which an armed robber pointed a gun at Benny, whose comedy often poked fun at his own miserly show business persona.  In the routine, Benny told the robber to put the gun down.  The robber persisted.  "Your money or your life!" demanded the crook, irritated by the delay.  "I'm thinking it over," deadpanned Benny.[1] Quick thinking helped...

Monday, July 23rd
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Seven signs of true repentanceBy Steve CornellHow do you begin the process of reconciliation when you've been deeply and perhaps repeatedly sinned against? When an offended party works toward reconciliation, the first and most important step is the confirmation of genuine repentance on the part of the offender (see: Luke 17:3). Consider seven signs of genuine confession and repentance:          (Essential information for co-dependents or enablers)  The offender:  1. Accepts full responsibility for his or her actions. (Instead of saying, "Since you think I've done something wrong…" or "If ...

Monday, July 23rd
Author(s): John Paul Brannon

A Bit of an Oversight (to say the least)by Paul Shelby Lewis I don't normally make a habit of watching the 700 club in the middle of the afternoon.  But, the station on which it appears happens to be about 2 channels from the station on which I watch the Tour de France.  So as I was flipping through the channels a few days ago, I saw Pat Robertson answering a question during a segment which is called, "Foundations of the Faith."  For the one minute that I watched, the following is what took place: Question:  When Jesus was resurrected, was He in human flesh, Spirit or both?  Many people...

Monday, July 23rd
Author(s): J. Michael Sharman

The President's Attempt to Push Us Into WarJ. Michael Sharman  Do you remember the famous speech the President gave pushing us into a war without borders?The President sat at his Oval Office desk. A few famous friends were there to support him, a senator from his party, and of course, his ever-supportive mother. When you're down in the polls, and Congress is eating your lunch, it helps to have your mom on your side.The President spoke through the microphone and directly to the American people, bypassing the media that had constantly been harping at him and criticizing his decisions. He said...

Monday, July 23rd
Author(s): Phyllis Schlafly

Look Out For Another Big Spending Boondoggle by Phyllis Schlafly, July 18, 2007 A new grab for power over education now lurking in the corridors of Congress reminds me of a song popular in the Harry James/Frank Sinatra era: "I've Heard That Song Before." Section 3401, inserted by the Senate (but not the House) in the pending America COMPETES Act (S.761), would give us another costly and harmful expansion of the federal education bureaucracy.Like many of the "comprehensive" bills in Congress these days, Section 3401 contains jargon that needs to be translated. The words with specialized...

Thursday, July 19th

Rewarding Not-So-Bad-TerroristsBy Jan  This week President Bush announced an upcoming international meeting of representatives from nations that support a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, which reject violence, recognize Israel's right to exist, and commit to all previous agreements between the parties.  Many of those "nations" are in the Middle East and consider Israel's very existence to be an outrage, or as they call it, a "catastrophe." I have thus concluded that most of the world, including our White House and State Department, has...

Thursday, July 19th
Author(s): Bob Burney

Narcissism On SteroidsBy Bob Burney  "I'm Going To Hold My Breath Til I Turn Blue!" Most parents have heard similar words from toddlers who don't' get their way.  They are some of the earlier expressions of our Fallen Nature.  At that point – a reasonable parent begins the long process of teaching the child that selfishness and temper tantrums are not appropriate.    That would be a reasonable parent.  Unfortunately, reason seems to be a diminishing quality in today's parents.  Narcissism has replaced reason – sometimes on steroids. Many are shaking their collective heads over a bizarre...


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