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Monday, May 22nd
Why is God allowing the Marxists and Muslims to bring such mayhem to America and the world? Brannon takes us to the little book of Nahum to see how God uses evil nations and people to brining...
Monday, May 22nd    On Friday night November 3rd, and Saturday, November 4th, 2017, Worldview Weekend’s WVW-TV will be hosting and live streaming the Understanding & Preparing For The...
Monday, May 22nd
Be sure to read about our international live-stream conference: Understanding & Preparing For The Terroristic Threats Against Your Family, Community, & Nation Details Here: http://www....
Monday, May 15th
                              Just released. CD or download of Sermons Through Song Volume 2. You can sample, and purchase here:
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Recent Articles

Wednesday, September 12th
Author(s): Barry Rubin

Pilgrimage to Tehran By Barry Rubin  The big picture can be found in the little details. Here's a great example. Iran recently held a summit meeting bringing together Palestinian leaders. Hamas was there, of course, and Islamic Jihad, too. No surprise that. But there was someone else participating in the gathering: Farouq Qaddumi.Qaddumi is a veteran Fatah and PLO bureaucrat who now heads the former group. He is one of three men-the other two were Yasir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas-who represented Fatah on the PLO Executive Committee. He has never accepted even the 1993 Oslo agreement. In most...

Wednesday, September 12th
Author(s): J. Michael Sharman

The Unheralded Proclamation J. Michael SharmanBusiness Wire and the Christian News Wire ran the story the day it was released on September 5, 2007. The American Forces Press Service, along with picked it up on September 6th, and the Christian Post and CitizenLink both did stories on it September 7th.That's it. No one else covered the story. Except for the very few people who might  read those media outlets, no one would know that on September 5th, 2007, the White House Press Secretary released an official proclamation by President Bush asking for the nation to spend three days –...

Wednesday, September 12th
Author(s): Thomas E. Brewton

More on Middle Eastern TurmoilBy Thomas E. BrewtonLiberal-Progressive-socialism caused today's mess, not matter how far  back into history we go.Commenting on Mr. Slater Bakhtavar's essay: iraq_the_historical_background/ ), Mr. James Veverka states,  "Nonsense. Carter was a fool regarding several things but the primary  cause of the deep problems of the middle east is the effects of  colonialism and the partitions after WW1."Mr. Veverka neglects to state that this is merely another way of  laying the problems of the Middle East at the doorstep of...

Tuesday, September 11th

Wide Stance and a Tap DanceJ. Matt Barber Heard the one about the U.S. Senator who walked into the toilet with an undercover cop on perversion patrol?   Of course you have.  Everyone's heard it, but unfortunately, it's not just a bad bar room joke.   Still, liberals in Congress and their friends in the press are laughing themselves cross-eyed.  There's another Republican involved in a "gay" sex scandal, so predictably the "mainstream" media's all aflutter.  They want to keep the story alive as long as they can, hoping to recreate the Foley effect in 2008.    For all six of you who haven't...

Tuesday, September 11th
Author(s): Jim Elliff

Sorting Out God's Goodness in the Middle of the Painby Jim ElliffMy visit to the small apartment of an oriental couple in the Chicago suburbs was disturbing. Here was a man who had innocently gone to work one day, but was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight. He was paralyzed from the neck down. What do you say to a man like that?"If God is all-powerful and is also good, why is there pain in the world?" The question is among the most difficult to answer, especially when we see "innocent" people destroyed by pain inflicted by others. It is true that God is good and that in the world under His...

Tuesday, September 11th
Author(s): Bill Muehlenberg

When PC Endangers Children There is never a shortage of examples of political correctness in Western society. And there is never a shortage of examples of how PC can be damaging and destructive of the very things we should really be caring about. The way we treat various individuals, groups or lifestyles with kid gloves for fear of offending or marginalising them may seem like a noble intention. The idea is to create a more tolerant society. But good intentions can often lead to bad outcomes. Effectively, political correctness has meant treating certain groups in a favoured manner, even if it...

Tuesday, September 11th

TOO BUSY FOR GOD?By Jan Busyness consumes the Western world.  Just as prophesied in Daniel 12:4, we are "running to and fro" and a recent study and book confirm it.  In a book by Michael Zigarelli titled Christianity 9 to 5: Distracted from God, the author reports that of 20,000 Christians interviewed from 140 nations, more than five in ten said they just run from task to task.  They said that a hectic life keeps them from going deeper in their walk with God. Isn't the devil just delighted with such news?!  The 21st century has us so pre-occupied that we cannot...

Friday, September 7th

By Israel Wayne Why do we teach our children? Why don't we just allow them to grow up without being educated? When I ask this question at various conferences where I speak, the most common answer given is, "They need an education to make it in the real world. They need to get a good job and have a career. They need to be able to support a family." It bothers me that the bulk of educational efforts are for a pragmatic economic end. The late Neil Postman called this worldview the "god of economic utility." From a Biblical worldview, is the purpose of an education to "get a good job"? Is life...


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