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Wednesday, February 26th
We are being slammed with orders for freeze dried food. We anticipated this over three weeks ago and purchased and received a large supply. Manufactures are reporting a back log of orders. On Fox...
Monday, February 24th
WVW-TV: Is This Why Deep State Was Afraid of Phil Haney? Click here to watch now:  
Sunday, February 23rd
Just released presentation by Phil Haney. WVW-TV has several presentations by Phil Haney that still need to be post-edited and released. Here is the first of several presentations that will be...
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Saturday, December 28th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV: Christian Colleges Invite Jihadis To Brainwash Students   Your tax deductible support at makes programs like this possible. You can also donate using our phone number of 901-825-0652 or by mail:   WVW Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027  

Monday, December 23rd
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

The large number of Democratic Party presidential candidates has become a running joke. But the unexpected strength of 37-year-old South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Harvard graduate who calls himself a “gay dude in Mike Pence’s Indiana,” is a significant achievement, even for a political party that depends on identity politics. More importantly, Buttigieg claims to be a gay Christian, despite the Biblical scriptures that condemn same-sex conduct. He was “married” to another man in an Episcopal Church. Other candidates can only hope to match his personal lifestyle by pandering for votes from...

Monday, December 23rd
Author(s): Thomas Littleton

IS CHRISTIANITY TODAY DEMISE DUE TO PAUL SINGER’S INFLUENCE? CHRISTIANITY TODAY JUST MADE THE KIND OF NEWS THAT NO NEWS PUBLICATION WANTS TO MAKE IF IT INTENDED TO SURVIVE. HOW COULD IT LEADERS MAKE SUCH A STUPID MISTAKE? THE ANSWER MAY BE THE AMERICAN UNITY FUND & CT’s NEW CEO. Rev Thomas Littleton                                                                                                 12/22/2019 Many long trusted Christian institutions are on their way out as more and more of them pander to audiences outside their base and ally with dirty partners, tainted money, and left wing...

Friday, December 20th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Note: Be sure to watch the free 1 hour of Siege the docuMovie at  Siege: The Clear & Present Dangers Pushing America to the Brink of a Marxist-Islamic Revolution, Civil War, World War III & Globalism.  My late friend Vic often referred to Christianity Today as “Christianity Astray.” Indeed it is. The Drudge Report headline on December 20, 2019 was about the article written by Christianity Today editor-in-chief Mark Galli. The Christianity Today article has also been the topic on almost all liberal news outlets such as CNN. The liberal and fake-news outlets...

Tuesday, December 17th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

December 17, 2019  Note: To understand the seriousness of this issue please watch the free 1 hour of Siege: The Clear and Present Dangers Pushing America to the Brink of a Marxist-Islamic Revolution, Civil War, World War III & Globalism In my 2018 docouMovie Sabotage, I warned that one of the greatest threats to America are so called evangelical pastors. I also made this warning in my book Grave Influence, Religious Trojan Horse, The Coming Religious Reich and Marxianity. Now we have more proof of this fact. In September of 2019, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that gave...

Friday, December 13th
Author(s): Thomas Littleton

Watch the WVW-TV Broadcast in Which Tom Littleton and Brannon Howse Discuss How Marxist Democrats Are Co-Opting Evangelical Voters For Social Justice & Votes Click Here to Watch Now:   J D Greear has been the figure heading some of the most radical goings on in the Southern Baptist in its long history. Under his watch as President the SBC 2019 buried the concerns of “Queer Christianity ” from Revoice Conference and “approved  Critical Race Theory and  Intersectionality as helpful analytical tools with the Gospel”.  Greear is too young...

Thursday, December 12th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV Presents: Marxist Democrats Co-opting Evangelicals For Social Justice and Votes and Looking to Flip Southern States to the Democrats by Flipping Southern Christians Through the Third Way. Howse and Littleton Expose The And Campaign. Click Here to Watch Now:  

Wednesday, December 11th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

New Commentary: Marxism Collapsing America From Within Click here to watch now: Please text, e-mail, and Facebook to your friends. Thank you.