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Wednesday, February 26th
We are being slammed with orders for freeze dried food. We anticipated this over three weeks ago and purchased and received a large supply. Manufactures are reporting a back log of orders. On Fox...
Monday, February 24th
WVW-TV: Is This Why Deep State Was Afraid of Phil Haney? Click here to watch now:  
Sunday, February 23rd
Just released presentation by Phil Haney. WVW-TV has several presentations by Phil Haney that still need to be post-edited and released. Here is the first of several presentations that will be...
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Thursday, January 16th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Worldview Weekend Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 901-825-0652 (Call or Text)   In previous newsletters we have examined how the cultural Marxists came to America around 1933 and began to carry out their self-described, long march through the institutions of America. Their stated goal was to bring about a new way of revolution in America by attacking the existing morality of the culture. By morality, they meant the values and worldview that make America a free nation based upon individual rights ordained by God. For the Marxist revolution to be successful,...

Friday, January 10th
Author(s): Jeffrey Nyquist

After the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami promised “crushing revenge.” While visiting the bereaved daughter of Gen. Soleimani, President Hassan Rouhani was asked, “Who is going to avenge my father’s blood?” Rouhani replied, “all of us will avenge his blood.” Prior to the “martyrdom” of Soleimani, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif had just returned from Russia and China. Zarif was dizzy with success. The allies were drawing closer. Joint naval exercises were scheduled between Russian, Chinese and Iranian warships. American unilateralism was denounced in...

Friday, January 10th
Author(s): Clare Lopez

Originally Posted: Right after the US eliminated Iran’s Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian regime raised the Red Flag of War over the mosque in Jamkaran. The highly symbolic gesture holds great significance. It symbolizes the declaration of a blood feud to avenge a grievance. Jamkaran is near the theological seminary city of Qom. As the flag went up on January 4, the mosque loudspeakers broadcast the words, “O Allah, hasten your custodian’s reappearance,” referring to Islam’s messianic figure of the Mahdi, believed by Shi’ites to be the Twelfth Imam. The flag itself bears the...

Thursday, January 9th
Author(s): William Gray

INTRODUCTION     The Apostle Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, as it is recorded in Acts 2 the words which had been spoken by the prophet Joel in Joel 2:28-32, and it is recorded that those who heard “...were cut to the quick. “They said to Peter and the rest of the Apostles, “men and brethren what shall we do?” (Acts 2:37) In Paul’s great epistle to the Church at Rome, he sets forth the historical fact of the sin and the fall of Adam. Many people, even some in the church, do not believe this account from God’s Word. Nevertheless, it is true. When Adam disobeyed God, not only did he die...

Tuesday, January 7th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV Video Clip: Why Character Assassination of Brannon Howse & Other Conservatives? Understanding a Tactic of Information Warfare Click Here to Watch Now:  

Monday, January 6th
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

A so-called “former CIA analyst” is leading House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s effort to stop President Trump from taking further military action against Iran’s top terrorist leaders. Her name is Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) and she says that she “participated in countless conversations on how to respond to Qassem Soleimani’s violent campaigns across the region.” In other words, she’s all talk, no action. Now that Trump has acted, authorizing the killing of this terror master, the Pelosi argument is that Trump must be stopped and Iran’s other top terrorist leaders must be saved, so they can scheme...

Saturday, January 4th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

Worldview Radio: Guest: Former CIA Operations Officer, Clare Lopez and Former CIA Analyst, Dr. Peter Pry. Topic: The Drudge Report headline questions the possibility of Iranian terror cells in the US, cyber hacking and even World War III as a result of America killing Iranian General Soleimani. These are the exact topics covered in Siege, the docuMovie, that is produced by Brannon and that came out in December of 2019. Pry and Lopez reveal that the elimination of Soleimani is good news, but Americans must understand the extreme danger to the lower-48 from Iran’s terror cells, a possible EMP...

Saturday, January 4th
Author(s): Cliff Kincaid

Obama’s CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus told Foreign Policy magazine that Iranian general and top terrorist leader Qassem Suleimani was “responsible for providing explosives, projectiles, and arms and other munitions that killed well over 600 American soldiers and many more of our coalition and Iraqi partners just in Iraq, as well as in many other countries such as Syria.” So why did it take so long for the U.S. to kill him? We are seeing stories about how Iran may retaliate against America over his death. But why did Obama fail to retaliate over the deaths his own CIA director has...