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Wednesday, October 18th
  You can live-stream this conference for just $9.99 by registering at Is Self-Defense Biblical or are we to turn the other cheek? What about defending others? Our family?...
Monday, October 16th
A high-profile, local case is making its way through federal court.   After posting videos on Facebook in April, Ehab Jaber of Sioux Falls was charged with possession of a firearm by a prohibited...
Friday, October 13th
by Worldview Weekend News Team, Op-Ed      • Brannon does not attend church.    • Brannon never teaches the Bible at all.    • Brannon’s wife uses her maiden name as a board member to hide her...
Thursday, October 12th
WVW-TV Presents: Liberalism of John Piper on Christians Owning Guns, Black Lives Matter, & Kneeling During National Anthem Click here to watch now:
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Recent Articles

Monday, January 23rd
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Christian Survives Horror of North Korean Prison         A Christian missionary jailed in North Korea has done what many prisoners in the communist state never do – he has emerged alive to tell about his horrific experience.  The testimony of a Korean-Chinese man referred to only as "Lee" to protect his identity recently was obtained by the Voice of the Martyrs.        The missionary says a woman in his Chinese church gave him an ID number to use in traveling to North Korea, saying it belonged to her cousin. When authorities saw the ID number, they immediately arrested Lee, who later...

Sunday, January 22nd
Author(s): Robert Meyer

When speaking of the January Effect, I'm not referring to the tendency for stocks to trend for the entire year, in the direction that January's trading has taken them in. I am speaking of a far more insidious cultural event.The Roe v. Wade decision was simply another step downward into that murky abyss; a surreal dimension where whatever that is deemed legal automatically becomes ethical in the minds of those who seek justifications for their deeds and permissive attitudes. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan probably would have referred to this as "defining deviancy down." More than...

Sunday, January 22nd
Author(s): Chuck Darrell

  Some call them "civil unions." The Minneapolis Star Tribune calls them "civil partnerships." No matter what they're called, where civil unions have become law the marriage debate remains unresolved.  Even so, the December 28, Star Tribune editorial "Can gay cowboys find true equality?" posits that the state "should leave marriage to religion and get into the business of civil partnerships" as a means to satisfy both sides in the marriage debate.  Thanks to the blunder in Connecticut, same-sex civil unions have been exposed as a bait-and-switch scheme, designed to obtain homosexual marriage...

Saturday, January 21st
Author(s): Jason Carlson

The Vatican Criticizes Intelligent Design: Why I Can't Take Them Seriously & Other ThoughtsBy Jason Carlson This week the Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, published an article which states that Intelligent Design is not valid science and should not be taught in schools.  The article's author, Fiorenzo Facchini, an evolutionist from the University of Bologna, states that Darwin's theory of evolution "represents the interpretive key of the history of life on Earth."  Facchini further commented that the Intelligent Design movement is in error because "it's not correct from a...

Saturday, January 21st
Author(s): J. Michael Sharman

Sentencing for a Lifetime of PainJ. Michael SharmanColumn No. 15Publication Date: January 24, 2006              What punishment is appropriate for stealing a boy or girl's childhood? What can compensate a child for a pain that colors all their future relationships and goes on for a lifetime?Virginia's new Attorney General Bob McDonnell is trying to persuade the Virginia General Assembly that the proper punishment for certain categories of sexual assault against a child is a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 years.  "My first priority", said Attorney General McDonnell, "will be to ensure...

Friday, January 20th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

                  State Sponsored Robbery  State-sponsored and state-approved gambling is wrong because the marketing and advertising of gaming is inherently deceptive. The next time you see a TV commercial or hear a radio spot promoting a state lottery, note well the sales pitch. It won't tell the truth. Do these commercials, for instance, tell you (or even imply!) that your chances of winning are so remote that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning or that a woman has a better chance of bearing triplets than of "hitting it big"? Do lottery commercials mention...

Thursday, January 19th
Author(s): Ray Comfort

Finally Getting the Message- By Ray Comfort It's taken a while, but the world is finally getting the message. After decades of hearing that all God wants is to be allowed to improve their lives with a wonderful plan, they are now getting the second part of the message from the seeker-friendly church. What is it? It is that we should eliminate anything that would make seekers feel uncomfortable. So the world has taken that message to heart. The name of Christ makes them feel uncomfortable, so it's logical then that traditional Christmas greetings should be replaced by "Happy Holidays." The...

Thursday, January 19th
Author(s): Kirk Cameron

Rescue Hero- By Kirk CameronBefore Katrina, I was walking toward my lunch table in a New Orleans seafood restaurant. The ocean breeze was refreshing, the smell of good food was everywhere, and the sky was beautifully painted with colored clouds and light. But something else arrested my full attention and stopped me in my tracks. Behind a glass wall, were thousands of poor little crawfish trapped on a conveyor belt, struggling in vain to regain their footing on the slippery surface and make their escape. The ones that reached the end of the belt dropped helplessly into a pot of boiling water,...


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