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Saturday, June 24th
Top Article on HUGE conservative website on the James White interfaith dialogue with a Jihadi Imam. The author names-names. The article is called "When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism...
Friday, June 23rd
Worldview Radio, June 22, 2017:  Would we sit and interfaith dialogue with the Nazis in the 1930s so we might find where we agree?  Would we invite a Nazi into a church to explain his view of Nazism...
Friday, June 16th
op-ed by Brannon Howse    I am saddened and heart-broken that people from conservative Bible and reformed institutions and churches think that holding a dialogue with a Jihadi imam in a church is...
Friday, June 16th
Monday’s UTT article entitled “The Path to Victory Begins with Knowing the Threat” made one important point:  the threat America faces from the Global Islamic Movement has EVERYTHING to do with Islam...
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Recent Articles

Thursday, June 15th
Author(s): Jordan Standridge

“Hey Eric, would you come speak at our event?” That simple question would prove to be monumental in the life of an incredible man in church history. Of course, most people know about the life of Eric Liddell, the great Scottish runner who would go on to win a gold medal at the Paris Olympics and then go to China as a missionary. We’ve heard about his refusal to run on Sunday and his desire to be in church instead. We’ve also heard that instead of running his best event—the 100 meters–at the Olympics since it would fall on a Sunday, he was allowed to run the 400, an event that is so different...

Tuesday, June 13th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

You can watch the video statement here:     You can watch the 1 hour television special with Egyptian and arabic to english translator of the Koran Usama Dakdok & former Iranian Muslims Shahram Hadian Here:         The Righteous are as bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1).  It’s time for more people to be bold and unflinching in the battle to...

Sunday, June 11th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV: Evangelical Minister Calls Jihadi Imam Mentor & Says He Senses A Kindred Spirit With Him During Interfaith Dialogue  Click here to watch now: James White & His Radical Muslim Imam Friend Exposed in One Hour In Their Own Words. Topic: James White has violated 2 John 9-11. Topic: James White says radical Memphis Imam with reported ties to Jihad proponents has been his mentor in part on Islam. Topic: James White says Yasier Qadhi has moved to the left but the evidence does not show that according to the...

Sunday, June 11th
Author(s): Worldview News Team

Worldview Radio: Christian Minister Calls Pro-Jihad Muslim Imam Mentor & Invites Him to Make Video on Islam For Christians  James White & His Radical Muslim Imam Friend Exposed in One Hour In Their Own Words. Topic: James White says radical Memphis Imam with reported ties to Jihad proponents has been his mentor in part on Islam. Topic: James White wants radical Islamic Imam Yasir Qadhi to teach Christians about true Islam by making a video? Topic: James White says Christians and Muslims are going to need each other as secularism takes over. Topic: Yasir Qadhi says what ISIS is doing...

Thursday, June 8th
Author(s): Robert Spencer

Rep. Andre Carson "said he believes the billboard is untrue and that the billboard's author takes Islamic text and history out of context ‘just like al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Klan do to religious texts to justify their bigotry.'" "Untrue" is not the same thing as "out of context," and of course the latter is the tried-and-true dodge of Islamic supremacists when presented with uncomfortable passages of the Qur'an and Sunnah. Notice also Carson's invocation of "al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Klan." Two are international jihad terror organizations that have mounted murderous jihad attacks all over the...

Thursday, June 8th
Author(s): Jordan Standridge

My buddy’s dad died a few days ago. He was a wonderful dad, husband, and grandfather. As I gave my friend a ride to the airport, I was reminded yet again of a simple truth that will never get old–when Christians die, it is an upgrade and a blessing to see. Not only do they spend eternity in Heaven, but the believing family that they leave behind can be such an encouragement to the church. My friend’s father died suddenly in his sleep, and the cause is still unknown. Earlier that day, he had gone to get a physical that was needed for his job–which he passed–and yet, at 69 years old, he died in...

Tuesday, June 6th
Author(s): Robert Spencer

Facebook, Twitter, all of them are desperate to cover up the increasingly obvious connection between terrorism and the religion with a holy book that thrice exhorts believers to “kill them wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, 9:5) and calls upon believers to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of the deity (Qur’an 8:60), who himself vows to strike terror in those who don’t believe in him (Qur’an 3:151, 8:12). But it isn’t working. Despite both Facebook and Twitter shadowbanning Jihad Watch in mid-February, such that referrals from both are down 90% every day since February 11,...

Monday, June 5th
Author(s): Robert Knight

That huge, sucking sound you’re not hearing is a left-wing behemoth slipping down the sewer. At the risk of Schadenfreude, the cautionary Germanic expression for taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, Project Vote (PV), where Barack Obama cut his teeth working as a community organizing lawyer in Chicago in 1992, closed its doors on May 31. This is good for America. The self-styled voting rights group was the spawn of ACORN, the corrupt outfit that was shut down seven years ago after its staffers were caught on camera giving tax evasion advice to two undercover Project Veritas folks...


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