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WVW-TV Presents: When So-Called Christians Practice the New Age Doctrines of Oprah Winfrey It is White Magic

WVW-TV Presents: Oprah Winfrey promoted “The Secret,” but this New Age teaching is also embraced within evangelicalism. In this episode, Brannon explains the teaching of the “Law of Attraction” and how it is being promoted by so-called evangelicals. After the New Age book and DVD “The Secret” was a big seller, some evangelicals came out with the “Source of the Secret” that seeks to say the source is God. Brannon explains why this is wrong and why he believes this fits the definition of white magic. This is part four and the final part of the series: “The White Magic of Evangelicalism.” When so-called Christians Practice the New Age Doctrines of Oprah Winfrey It is White Magic.

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