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WVW-TV Launches New Project Ministering to Christians in Muslims Nation

I had a long conversation last night with a strong and Godly man from a Muslim nation. We have made contact with some Bible churches and Christians in some of these Muslim nations and we will begin getting them Bibles in Arabic. I found out that many of them in a church will have 2-3 people sharing a Bible. I also found out that these dear Christians cannot even afford light bulbs for their churches so their little churches are very dark. They need song books and Bibles and light bulbs. I also was just informed of a Christian family in a Muslim nation that is in imminent threat of death because they are Christians. While our government has brought hoards of Jihadi Muslims to America, we will see if we can bring a few Christians from Muslim nations to America for protection. While others want to sit and have interfaith dialogue with representatives of Islamic organizations that are persecuting, beating, and killing Christians, we will work to protect and provide for the persecuted Christians in Muslim nations. We will provide updates as we can without putting these little churches at risk. Please be praying as today we have a phone conversation with our Christian contact in a Muslim nation.