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Ozarks 2020

Will Pro-Family Leaders Publicly Reverse Their Support of False Teacher Lou Engle After This Happen at Azusa Now

Topic: Lou Engle hosted his Azusa Now rally on April 9, 2016. Among the many troubling events included Engle kissing the foot of a Catholic priest as a sign of reconciliation. The event also included the pagan costumes and dancing and drums of Native Americans on the platform. False prophet and teacher Bill Johnson of Bethel Church was also on the platform. Brannon reveals why he believes this event is laying the foundation for a global false church. Hear the audio of James Dobson & American Family Radio Network and American Family Association and their Family News Division interviewing and praising Lou Engle. Why are Dobson and AFA/AFR not publicly rebuking Engle after this weekend? Topic: We take your calls that includes a lady caller that makes some disturbing comments. This gives Brannon an opportunity to demonstrate how we should firmly, but lovingly talk with those that are theologically confused.
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