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Will a Muslim Die for America?

A Muslim couple, who had lost their son in the war in Iraq, stood up at the Democratic Convention and mocked Mr. Trump for his stand to ban Muslims from coming to America. The father stated that Mr. Trump did not know the US Constitution and even offered his own copy to Mr. Trump to read. These words moved the nation and were the sound bite throughout the media and internet. When Mr. Trump was asked by the media to respond, especially after the father stated that Mr. Trump had not sacrificed anything for America, Mr. Trump answered by stating he had sacrificed when he had hired thousands of people and had collected millions of dollars for veterans.  I am ashamed to say that Mr. Trump gave a propaganda answer. He did not sacrifice anything. The thousands of jobs which he created made him richer. The millions he collected for veterans were through the sacrifices of others. 

So, will a Muslim die for America? We must first ask who a Muslim is. A Muslim is someone who submits to the words of Allah in the Qur’an and the words of Mohammed in the hadith. Will Allah ever ask a Muslim to die for infidels (Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims)? The answer is absolutely not. Will Allah even ask a Muslim believer to be friends with infidels? According to Qur’an 5:51, the answer is no. Will Allah ask a Muslim to kill other Muslims for infidels? No. In fact, Allah stated in Qur’an 6:151: “…and do not kill the soul which Allah forbids except with a just cause. This is what he commanded perhaps you may understand.”  What is the soul which Allah forbids being killed? All Muslim scholars agree it is the Muslim soul, and Muslims cannot kill a Muslim soul except for a just cause. What is a just cause? Mohammed stated in the hadith, “The blood of the Muslim cannot be shed except in three cases: if a Muslim commits adultery, if a Muslim apostates (leaves Islam for another religion), or if a Muslim kills a Muslim. Therefore, how can a Muslim fight for America in Iraq by killing his Muslim brothers?  

Who brought Muslims to our military? Why do Muslims join our military? It was through Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as reported by the LA Times on September 16, 2009: “Military offers a path to citizenship – Immigrants without a green card (illegal Muslims) who have specific language or medical skills get a big incentive to enlist. The Army has recruited more than 100 people in Los Angeles under the pilot program.” The time for these illegal Muslims to become citizens was just ten weeks. All they needed was to know a language or a medical skill.  

One may say, “So what, just a 100 soldiers.” Well, it is not just 100. According to USA Today on September 25, 2014 by Andrew Tilghman, Military Times, the military recruits about 5000 non-citizens each year.  “After entering military service, foreigners are eligible for expedited US citizenship.  Since 2001, more than 92,000 foreign-born service members have become citizens while serving in uniform.”

Nadal Malik Hassan, the Muslim doctor who joined our military, killed fourteen and wounded thirty-five Americans in Fort Hood, Texas. When we examine the teaching of the Qur’an, we see it is unconstitutional for any Muslim who believes in Islam to join our military.

According to the New York Times article by Timothy Williams on May 11, 2009, another American Muslim soldier killed five of his comrades in Iraq in 2009. Did our intelligence investigate to learn why an American Muslim service member killed his comrades? Of course not! Why, because of political correctness. 

Sadly, instead of stopping the infiltration of our military by Muslims, we enlist thousands of them while Mr. Obama releases conservative leaders of our military. Muslims are being put into high positions in all of our military branches. We have given them the right to serve with a full beard, allow female Muslims to wear a hijab, and serve them halal food (lawful Muslim food). We now have more Muslim chaplains than Christian and Jewish chaplains. Christian service members cannot pray in Jesus’ name, but Muslim service members take five breaks every day for Muslim prayers.  While Christians in Muslim countries cannot build their own churches with their own money, our American soldiers are building mosques for the Muslims with US taxpayer money. At this rate, as Muslims continue to infiltrate our military, the day is coming where we will not be able to go to war with a Muslim country. That is the main reason, I believe, why Muslims join our military. It is to take over America from within. 

Muslims join our military not because they love or wish to defend America but simply to infiltrate our military or become a US citizen. To learn more about what Muslims believe, visit us at

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