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Where There Is God's Will, There Is God's Way"

Where There Is God's Will, There Is God's Way"


          I've done it again – noted another flaw in the human genome.  It's become apparent that we are more apt to show concern for God's will in matters that really don't matter than in matters that really matter.

            What's the matter with us, anyway?

            Now don't misunderstand; I do appreciate my brethren's sincere interest in discovering and implementing the will of God.  Good for them.  It would be better, however, if they extended the same effort to important spiritual decisions that they do to trivial issues accompanying the daily grind.

            I know a man who prayed fervently for months seeking divine intervention to help him decide if Toyota craftsmanship trumped generational allegiance to General Motors.  He finally heard the voice of God at an auto show where a blonde bombshell caressed a Silverado in a way that made his decision obvious.

            He spent the next month praying if God's will favored silver or black.  He finally consulted scripture, and when his Bible fell open to Moses parting the Red Sea, he went with the truck behind door number three.

            I talked with a teenage girl a couple years ago who was concerned about God's will for the upcoming Prom Dance.  I poked around for a moment and discovered she did not yet have a date.  I advised her God expected a quick affirmation to the first invitation.  I also suggested it was God's will she wear the evening gown with a back, a front, sleeves, and hidden straps.  She promised to pray about it.

            I've noticed that almost all folks who pray about God's will in choosing between new homes buy the most expensive one.  The same goes for HDTV. And wedding rings. And riding lawn mowers.

          I wonder how many believers really seek God's will for which bill they drop in the collection plate.

            Maybe I lack spiritual insight, but I simply don't believe God much cares if you choose steak or chicken fajitas, a poodle or a boxer, stainless or brass faucets, straight or curly hair, or a vacation in Cancun or Jamaica.

            I suggest you save your energy for making decisions regarding spiritual development and moral purity.  You know, stuff that really matters.

            Consider the exhortation extended to us in the midst of the first letter to the Thessalonians:

            "For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you know to possess his own vessel [body] in sanctification and honor, not in lustful passion, like the gentiles who do not know God" (1Thes. 4:1-6).

            Here is direct revelation from scripture that clearly outlines God's expectations for us:  A pursuit of holiness and a separation from sexual immorality.  God wants us to be pure.  All the time.  In every situation.  Regardless of feelings, clues, or hormones that contradict the ordinance.

            Sanctification is a big, religious word that simply means we engage a Holy Spirit driven lifestyle that seeks to do the right things according to God's moral principles.

            In spite of what you sometimes think, feel, or do, sanctification is not only right and proper all the time, but ultimately it will prove to be in your best interests.  Short-term carnal satisfaction always falls short of long-term joy.  Just ask your conscience if you don't believe me.

            Counseling with a woman recently who desperately wants to have sex with a man not her husband, she posed this common question as a means of justifying her consuming lust:  "Don't you think God wants me to be happy?"

            Equating adultery with personal happiness as the only option, she manipulated the question in hopes of somehow bypassing God's ethical commands.  She was looking more for a loophole than God's will.

            Of course, God wants us full of joy and peace; that's why He establishes boundaries.  He loves us more than we do, and He is more interested in our best interests than we are.  He knows random acts of sex possess great potential for emotional, physical, and spiritual wreck and ruin.  He cares too much to let us play in the street and get tossed around like a rag doll.  His holiness protects our honor.

            Doesn't it make sense that the brilliant Creator of sex ought to be the One who writes the rule-book?  (This whole concept presents another persuasive argument for Creative and Intelligent Design.  How does the evolutionary model account for the non-reproductive qualities of the female clitoris?  How does "survival of the fittest" explain the altruistic role of pleasure for pleasure's sake?)  Why would we players think we know more than the Commissioner?  It's a proven fact that left to our own devices, we explode upon impact.  Why is it then we tend to resent God for monitoring the ways we think and act regarding sex?

            It's because in our sinful state of affairs we crave moral autonomy – the inalienable right to do as we please, free from the responsibility of giving account to One greater than ourselves.  We want to do our own thing without having to answer for it. 

            Well, good luck with that!

            Just because we may choose to ignore the will of God, it doesn't mean that God will ignore our rebellious actions.  God has no intention of surrendering moral law to our fallen whims.  God loves us too much to rubber stamp relational abuse and social anarchy.

            We must learn to control and discipline our sexual appetites.  We can't eat everything we see.  We can't touch everything that looks extra soft or hard.  We must show restraint.

            The fore-mentioned passage, like others smattered throughout the Bible, instructs us in the differences between living as a disciple and living as a pagan.  The Christian is Spirit-filled and works with God in the transforming process of denying destructive self-centered motives and affirming the discipline-oriented life of true love – a love exhibited in joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, sexual self-control and perseverance.  God helps us get and stay holy!  He empowers us to do His will!  He positions us for spiritual power and success.

            You are not in the battle against sexual temptation on your own.  "With every temptation, God provides a means of escape, and He will not allow you to have to handle more than you can endure" (1Cor. 10:13).  Where there is God's will, there is God's way.