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What Did The Family Research Council Know & When Did They Know It When It Comes to Josh Duggar?

Worldview Weekend Radio:

What Did Pro-Family Leaders Know & When Did They Know It When It Comes to Josh Duggar?

Guest: Michael Reagan. Today Brannon reveals that the shocking and sad stories about Josh Duggar and the molestation accusations that have been all over the news the past week were not a shock to him as he was warned in January of 2008 while he was in Bentonville, Arkansas at a Worldview Weekend. Today Brannon is not interested in piling on but in asking a long list of questions. Brannon is particularly concerned that the Family Research Council hired Josh to work for them as... a pro-family leader. Brannon reveals how he called a pastor in Northern, Virginia and asked for assistance in warning the leadership of FRC after it was revealed that Josh was hired by FRC. Why was this warning seemingly not taken to heart?

In January of 2008 Brannon warned another nationally known pro-family leader that also went on to interview and promote Josh as a national pro-family leader. What does all this tell us about some of the pro-family groups and their worldview?

The public has a right and responsibility to ask what did certain pro-family leaders know and when did they know it? Topic: Mike Reagan joins us to explain why Mike Huckabee was 100% wrong to defend Josh Duggar in the press. Topic: Here are some of the questions Brannon asked today: Why is this an example of focusing on the external and moralizing and not the internal?

Why did Jim Bob Duggar not cancel the family program on TLC in order to protect his family and the testimony of his family that are vocal Christians? Did TLC know about the conduct of Josh and if so when? Did TLC know that Oprah cancelled an interview with the Duggar Family years ago and if so did TLC know why? Why did Oprah show more discernment than some self-described evangelicals and pro-family leaders? Why would Josh choose to work for FRC in a public and political job knowing his past and knowing it could be revealed and thus potentially have a negative impact on the testimony of the larger Christian and home-school community?

What about forgiveness and yet what about consequences that are permanent? Why should every Christian grieve over this? How should Christians respond to the attacks and ridicule of the unsaved world? What does this tell us, if anything, about the need to reform certain pro-family groups? Topic: We take your calls.
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