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URGENT. Please read & Share!!! First Hand Report of Muslims Killing Christians

URGENT. Please read & Share!!! Today is a very sobering and convicting broadcast as we hear testimonies about Christians in Egypt that were beaten, kidnapped, and tortured by Muslim Brotherhood simply for being Christians. You will hear an eyewitness report about men that were beheaded only after watching their daughters and wives being raped simply because they were Christians and refused to convert to Islam. You will hear how Christians have had their churches and homes burned down and destroyed simply because they refuse to convert to Islam. What must the Christians in Egypt think as they see on Youtube and other websites these so-called ministers, Christians, and churches in America hosting Muslims that work with the Muslim Brotherhood? What must they think as they hear so-called ministers speaking words of honor and praise to them? What must they think when parts of the so-called church in America are defending sitting with and giving honor to a Muslim Brotherhood representative when their family members have been beaten, tortured, raped, and killed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Today’s guest is Egyptian Usama Dakdok. You must listen and share this with all your friends and family so you might understand the real issues facing America and the church and what it will mean for the world if America embraces Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.
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