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Sue Monk Kidd and CBE: One in the Spirit

Sue Monk Kidd and CBE: One in the Spirit


Consider this quote from Dance of the Dissident Daughter, p. 70 (a book overtly teaching pagan, feminist spirituality such as worshiping the goddess in a circle of trees under a full moon with witchcraft rituals, deifying turtles and white buffalo, and proliferating animism for "goddess power". The book presents no desired connection to Christianity whatsoever):

…I reread the parts of the Bible related specifically to women. If you do this all at once it can be a shock. A number of years later I would come upon an article in the Atlantic Monthly on women and the Bible that surmised the kind of awareness I gained…as I read through the scripture. The article said: The Bible is no stranger to patriarchy. It was written mostly, if not entirely by men. It was edited by men. It describes a succession of societies over a period of roughly 1200 years whose public life was dominated by men…It talks almost only about men…As a prescriptive text, moreover, the Bible has been interpreted as justifying the subordination of women to men: "…Wives be subject to your husbands…" As a text that has been presumed by hundreds of millions of people to speak with authority, moreover, the Bible has helped enforce what it prescribes…As I moved through the biblical material I flipped over to Galatians 3:28, where Paul put forth a luminous statement, that in Christ there is no male or female. I thought, How unfortunate that this did not become the centerpiece for Christian tradition! (Sue Monk Kidd).

Have no fear, Sue Monk Kidd, "Christians for Biblical Equality" is here!

Not that anyone in CBE seems to care, but it just so happens that that verse taken in context is only pertaining to salvation. Members of this organization use that verse for everything on earth and heaven above, as they shockingly attempt to even redefine God! (Interestingly, they don't seem to ever use Galatians 3:28 for anyone in hell, such as the "Mother of harlots" in the book of Revelation).

Maybe CBE could have their next workshop with Sue Monk Kidd at a "silent retreat", perhaps at one of the monasteries she frequents to spend her "time in silence" with the monks, because I have noticed writers from CBE promoting this teaching of "silent time" as well through articles and music. Although CBE claims to be a Christian organization and not a pagan spirituality movement, it is obvious to see this "Christian" movement is not led by the Holy Spirit. When comparing what they believe to what pagan feminists believe and practice it is clear that the same spirit is at work.

When Sue Monk Kidd was writing the book quoted above, Dance of the Dissident Daughter, she wrote in an early chapter about how she called herself "Father Sue" out loud at a monastery: I said, "Hello, I'm Father Sue." (p. 24) It was telling me I had lost the voice of my native soul....the innate mother tongue...I had learned instead to speak the father tongue. (p. 25). It was telling me that my values, my spirituality, my way of being a woman in the world were masculine through and through. I was immersed in the world of the father. Father Sue. I wanted to cry. (p. 25)

(I wonder, would CBE quote Galatians 3:28 to endorse a woman like Sue Monk Kidd capriciously calling herself, "Father," too? I can't think of one reason why they wouldn't from their exegesis of that text! At this point, nothing would surprise me from that "biblical" group)!

Both the "Christian" feminists and the pagan feminists share an affinity for pious, self-righteous time spent in silence. The silence seems to be important to this demonic spirit. It is counterfeit to a sincere and pure time in prayer and meditation led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord loves it when we have our "quiet times" with Him in prayer and Bible study, but there is a different spirit at work here. This spirit wants time in silence out of piety, not humility or love for Jesus, and it is certainly not driven by any love for the Bible!

It is interesting how these women love "silence" yet they hate it when the church (or anyone) asks them to be silent. I'll admit to getting a kick out of that as I have to smile as I write this, just thinking about the absurdity of Satan's schemes!

As we mature in Christ as Christians, the road of the cross gets very hard, and you spend "time in silence" because you have to pray and think, and you are just plain weary from the battles that come your way. So, you don't listen much to the radio, because you just want to pray as you drive and think about God's perspective in order to act in the way of His wisdom and will. The TV gets turned off and books are read, because you are HUNGRY for the Lord.

However, this silly movement makes me want to turn the TV on and keep it on all day for stupid, bothersome background noise, just to spite the pious, counterfeit "spirit of silence" at work in feminism, just to shout "I'm free!" I am thankful for the freedom we have in Christ. His yoke is easy and His burden is light and the "time in silence" is not burdensome or a "work" done for merit, but rather, we go to Him out of love and humility to study the Bible to handle it accurately as it is our sword in battle, and our authentic existence as a human being in this world and our position for all of eternity relies on us knowing it and tending to it well.

In the spirit of CBE and in honor of their interpretation of Galatians 3:28,

"Father Dwayna"
(just kidding)!!!!!!!