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The Starbuck

The Starbuck's Socialists Parlour


David A. Noebel


"I used to consider ... liberals who praise Fidel Castro to be the most despicable people imaginable.  That's probably because I have to deal with these people on a regular basis.  I call them Starbuck's Socialists.  You know the type.  They spend about ten dollars a day to have other people make their coffee while they read the $20 deluxe edition of The Communist Manifesto at Barnes and Noble.... Most of them are college professors."  Mike S. Adams, Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel (2004), p. 134.



Imagine there's no Heaven

(Thanks to John Lennon)

It's quite easy when one tries

No Hell below us

Above us only Sky

Imagine there's no Creator

Objective reality, absolute truth

It's easy when alert

No purpose below us

Above us energized dirt

Free love for the asking

Abortion on demand

Planned Parenthood's a sacred cow

Christianity's in the can

Take everyone's guns away

And toss them in the sand

Shout out for world government

The Brother/Sisterhood of (wo)myn

Feminists are screaming

For shippin' men enmass

To Mars, Venus and to the Moon

So peace on earth can be acclaimed quite soon

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Q

Multiculturalists hollering "heteronormative" at You and You

Strange-sex affairs (LGBTQ) must be everywhere

For social progress  to begin

"Queers for Christ" are now progressive types

"Atheists for Jesus" are marching in lockstep

Homophobia is a mean, social disease

LUGS, GUGS, BUGS are  normal, healthy, chic

Cross-dressers are the new health providers

Queer Studies are academic fair

Thanks to cultural Marxism--

Political Correctness insists

We are no longer "One  nation, under God, indivisible"

Since there is no god or nation

Worth sacrifice or trust

Welfare and dope  for the homeless

Condoms for the kids

We must not blame criminals

For anything they did

Right and wrong are cultural determinates

There's no such thing as sin

Who cares if the world is lost and hurtin'

It's merely soul-less tin

Besides, we are emerging

Foamy, blue-green algae pond scum

Heading for our Socialist Paradise

Hey! Darwin's fish just swallowed the "J" fish

No one seems to mind

Animal rights are most important

Since we are evolving slime

Without game plan or direction

Wind-borne particles are we

Having more uncomplicated fun than usual

Since no one must  pay one's fees

It's free, man, it's all free

You hear it everywhere

Breakfast at noon, Lunch at four, Dinner at eight

All paid for by the beneficent State

Man has finally abolished the curse of work

Reason, science, law and  revelation

Are antique history now

Enlightenment comes from nowhere

But that's a mystery for sure

Values are tied to matter alone

Morals and ethics are done

Unless, of course, "relative" is sine qua non

But then there's nothing to worry about

For there's  no eternal Son

Meaning to existence is parochial

Judgment and justice are myths of the past

Live it up in the present why not  have a blast

But if by chance you're wrong, dead wrong

And there is a Designer somewhere

A soul intact and reason on board with revelation galore

Well, then my friend, my advise to you

Is really quite simple indeed

Kiss the Son (Ps. 2) and breathe eternal life

Worship God

Turn your life around and live for Him

With purpose and grace in toe

Fearing neither Darwin or Marx

Nietzsche or Freud's baseless claims on your soul