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Planning for An Active Shooter (Video Clip) From WVW-TV Family, Community & National Security Conference

This was 1 hour was filmed on November 3, 2017 as part of Worldview Weekend's family, community, and national security conference. The tragedy of 26 people murdered in a Sunday morning church service by an active shooter occurred less than 48 hours later in Sutherland Springs, Texas. We desire that these resources train individuals, families, churches, and all Americans in learning how to respond in an active shooter situation in order to increase your chances of survival as well as to save the life of others.

Planning for An Active Shooter (Clip)   To watch this entire 1 hour presentation join and look under our library tab. You can join the Situation Room for as little as $9.99 a month an have access to over $130,000 in digital resources on demand and growing daily.

Click here to watch this clip: