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Pat Has it Right This Time!


Pat Has it Right This Time!

CBN founder Pat Robertson has a proclivity to make statements before weighing their consequences. But is he always wrong? His most recent pronouncement is the radical Muslims are "satanic." He said, "These people (radical Muslims) are crazed fanatics and I want to say it now: I believe they are motivated by demonic power. The goal of Islam is world domination." He clarified that he was speaking about those Muslims who want to bomb and destroy innocent people.

Keep it up, Pat! In an age of political correctness, when Washington calls Islam a "noble religion," when a Muslim is the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast, and when our pulpits are absolutely silent to many truths affecting the church and world, someone must speak the truth. Today's leaders are appeasing islam, not exposing it. And in this case, Robertson has a lot to lose including his life. He has virtually put himself in the category of Salman Rushdie and those Danish cartoonists now in hiding.

We are in a Rodney King world--can't we all just get along? No, in fact! We have had evil kingdom after evil kingdom rise up and exterminate whole populations, but none compare to the barbarism of radical Islam. Some national spokesmen must speak the truth. I pray Robertson will not back down.

Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, called Robertson's new comments, "grossly irresponsible." Robertson should be honored such a man has come against him as Lynn is an example of the blind leading the blind among today's world leadership when it comes to truth and political correctness.

Robertson acknowledged to World magazine that he is, in fact, being more careful and reviewing news stories before going on air. Frankly, I think this particular story needs little review: He has spoken the truth.

Where is the outrage from other Christian leaders as Islam marches across parts of the world killing innocent people, filming beheadings, and desiring the bring the world back to the 7th Century. Or killing many innocent Christians just because they are Christian? Men like Franklin Graham and Gary Bauer are brutally honest, but many more Christian leaders feel the issue is too political and don't enter this battleground. And make no mistake--it is a battleground. It's a church/Christian issue because so many victims of radical Islam are Christians.

Another one speaking out is an Arab woman who is brutally honest about the situation, and she, too, has risked her life to tell the truth. You can view her short statement here She even has the courage to have this aired on al-Jazeera TV.

Thank you for your prayers for last weekend's three hours of PBS filming my radio program and separate interview on "green Christianity". It is now posted on "radio archives" where you can also find podcasting information. And yes, I know they are not Christian-friendly but we can pray an ounce of truth comes out. It will likely be a fall airing and I will keep you informed. The producers from New York were most gracious.

Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell

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