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Over 50 Presentations on 24 DVDs for just $14.99











Over 50 presentations on 24 DVDs for just $14.99.

That is $375.00 worth of DVDs for just $14.99. 

21 of these DVDs sell for $14.99 each and three of them for $19.99 each for a total of $375.00. Special price to help clear out our warehouse: $14.99 


Get this never before offered deal at 


We were re-arranging one of our storage facilities and found numerous boxes of DVDs. Most of these DVDs are two presentations per DVD with some containing 4 presentation on one DVD. We decided to offer a special package price so we can make room for new 2017 inventory.


Limited supplies so order now. These were all filmed with multiple cameras with broadcast quality production. In fact, many of the presentations were aired on national television over the years. Add these DVDs to your family library.

Over the past few years we have been going to all streaming on demand. Thus, we are not producing anymore actual DVDs. This is likely your last chance to add these DVDs to your family library. 


Over 50 presentations on 24 DVDs for just $14.99. 


Presentations include:


Surviving Hitler’s Holocaust by Holocaust Survivor Anita Dittman


Exposing the Heresy of the Word of Faith & Prosperity Gospel Preachers through Their Own Words by Justin Peters (3.5 hours of television programs)

Rome’s Strategy For A One-World Religion by Mike Gendron (Part 1 & 2)


Revealing The Truth About the Koran by Usama Dakdok

The Coming Persecution of the West by John Loeffler


Questions of Origins by Dr. Ron Carlson (Two Presentations)


WVW Intelligence Briefing #4 on: The Bank For International Settlements, Global Governance, & A Rising One-World Economy. The United Nations Curriculum in America’s Schools


Put Your Beliefs to the Test by Brannon Howse


The Dangers of Dominion Theology and the New Apostolic Reformation by Brannon Howse


Why the Office of Apostle and Prophet has Ceased by Brannon Howse

Religion Will Be The Foundation For the New World Order by Brannon Howse


The Dangers of the Communitarian, Church Growth Movement by Brannon Howse 

The Rise of the Anti-Christ with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung (3.5 hours of programs)

WVW Intelligence Briefing #2 on: Global Governance, Third Way, Romans 1 & Communism


WVW Intelligence Briefing #3 on: Evolution applied to the law, 25 lessons America must learn from Nazi Germany


Reclaiming Truth in a Postmodern Culture by David Limbaugh

Archeological Evidence That Confirms The Bible

The Politically Incorrect Truth About Islam by Kerby Anderson

From Terrors to Triumph 


The Church of Rome, The Jesuit Order, and Their Counter Reformation by Brannon Howse and Chris Pinto (3.5 hours of television programs)


Grave Influence: 21 Radicals & Their Worldview Ruling America From the Grave (2 Hours) Part 1 & 2

Grave Influence: 21 Radicals & Their Worldview Ruling America From the Grave Part 2 & 3


The Impact of Your Worldview by Star Parker

Protecting Your Family From the Worldview of the World by Bob Lepine

Iran, Israel, and the Nuclear Crisis by Joel Rosenberg

What is in and What is Out on America’s High School and College Campus by Dr. David Nobel

What is Right with America by Dr. David Noebel 


Judge Not Lest You Be Judged by Josh McDowell

Truth or Tragedy by Sean McDowell


The Personal Testimony of Kay Aruthur

Joy and Peace: It’s A Matter of the Mind by Kay Arthur

Three Worldviews Seeking To Destroy Your Family by Brannon Howse 


How to Bring Children to Christ and Keep Them There by Ray Comfort

Get this never before offered deal at 

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