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Our Biggest Book Sale EVER! We Are Clearing Out Our Inventory & Offering Ebooks Only From Now On












Our Biggest Book Sale EVER. We are clearing out our inventory and going to only offer Ebooks from now on. This is your chance to have these books in your hands and in your library. Here are the deals:


Get 7 of Brannon's books (that includes 5 hard covers) for only $19.99. Retail is $121.00


Twisted Scripture Twisted Theology: Normally $14.99 for only $4.99


What Every Christian Should Know: Normally $14.99 for only $4.99


The Coming Religious Reich (Hard cover) Normally $24.99 for only $9.99


Three Book Special: The Coming Religious Reich, Twisted Scripture, Twisted Theology, & What Every Christian Should Know Normally $49.99 For only $14.99

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