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LIVE 8pm CT Sunday Night: Globalist Admit Coronavirus at the Center of the Wheel for Global Governance.

Breaking News! New Topic for Sunday Night LIVE 8pm CT. Globalists Admit Coronavirus at the Center of the Wheel for Global Governance. To say you will be stunned by what the globalists openly admit, their elaborate plan and verifiable proof of all presented would be an understatement. Text WVW to 88202 for a link to watch and a reminder.

The globalists were preparing for a pandemic to exploit and that is provable from all their white papers and conferences in which they practiced how they would implement their ideas during a pandemic. Tonight on my live TV show, I will prove numerous globalist groups, working in concert, are exploiting the Coronavirus for their own admitted goal of “global governance.” I will name the groups and show their own websites.

These globalist groups are using this Coronavirus operation as a massive psychological warfare on the American people that I can prove goes all the way back to the 1940 & 1950s. And guess who is at the center of it all going all the way back to 1948? The World Health Organization that is one of the major groups to implement Agenda 2030. Remember the WHO is a division of the United Nations. And once you know who their original Executive Director was, you will see how this all fits together as a huge psychological warfare on the American people. Ironically I discuss all these players and their psychological warfare strategy in great detail in my docuMovie, Siege, that came out in December of 2019.

I am not saying the Coronavirus is not real but I am saying that it is being greatly exploited to test, condition, and shock the American people for a desired psychological response. As you will see tonight, the globalists have bragged about using psychological shock to get Americans to surrender to their ideas.

Tonight, I will show you screenshots in which The World Economic Forum detail their plan and how the Coronavirus is at the center of their plan for accomplishing the UN goals of Agenda 2030 and transforming the world into a “new society,” a “digital economy,” and by their own words, transforming the world into “global governance.” They also discuss that one of the issues that must be dealt with is America’s current “illicit economy.” On TV tonight I will present with screenshots that will blow your mind, and it is all 100% documented from the globalist and UN websites and THEIR quotes. TONIGHT AT: or at

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