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The Liberals Want To Dismantle America

The Liberals Want To Dismantle America

I am finding it to be more and more obvious. America is a wonderful place to live. Having said that, I must add a caveat. In listening to them talk, I deduce that many liberals don't understand that. America is a horrible place in their eyes. We have poor people. We have a strong military. We have many people who have a lot of good things in their lives. In their minds, we would be much better off if we would lose our American identity and submerge ourselves into the global scheme of things. Ultimately this scheme leads to Elites and peasants. The middle class will rather quickly disappear.

America, according to the liberal view, needs to be dismantled (although they would say this is not true). Take from the rich and give to the poor. Turn the military into a social services agency.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!" Does this sound familiar? It is the foundational principle of communism, stated in such a way that it doesn't sound so bad. You do remember communism, don't you? It used to be a word that was easily associated with evil and gave Ronald Reagan an opportunity to accurately label the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire."

Many people running for the presidency, mostly democrats are leaning so far to the left that they are now quite open about their Marxist (communist) agenda. They would say, "I'm not a Marxist." But they proceed to lay out their vision for America. That socialist vision, in my opinion, calls for the end of America as we have come to know it. Socialism, by the way, is an intermediate step to pure communist utopia. Socialism is the phase controlled by a government, enforcing the tenets of communism Let me lay out a few steps that will be taken to move us into liberal Utopia quickly. Watch for these things to be promoted in liberal circles, and sadly, in some conservative circles. These are not listed in any particular order, but they are necessary for the pure socialist vision to be realized( Remember that some have believed that the rise of the middle class in capitalism has kept the Communist Manifesto from being more widely accepted and followed.)

First, the physical and social identity of America must be obscured. Eliminate our borders as boundaries to be defended. The border between the U.S. and her neighbors must become as porous as the borders between the various states. Make the nation bi-lingual, tri-lingual, multi-lingual, and define tolerance to mean the right of some groups to spew venomous rhetoric directed at groups espousing traditional values while silencing those "conservative" groups.

Second, Use the U.S. Constitution to dismantle the Constitution. This process is well underway, with the courts being filled with people who are convinced that the Constitution is theirs to re-write as they choose. Ultimately, there will be a push to draft a new constitution. This will allow the elites to define once and for all the "meaning" of church/state issues, free speech issues, states rights issues, plus adding any issues they deem necessary (think global warming, property rights, etc.)

Third, we should expect a push to move away from such an archaic system as the Electoral College, making the direct election of the president the goal. This will avoid messy business like we witnessed in Florida in 2000. Pure democracy rather than representative democracy will be called for. This will effectively end any possible influence from all but about 10 states. The Northeast, Illinois (dominated by Chicago), and California will determine the outcome of our elections.

Fourth, a taxation and fees structure will become even more oppressive than the current system.

Fifth, the government gains complete control over commerce, medicine, education, and eventually religion, and all other institutions.

All of these steps are currently under development. The country that results from their completion is not a country that will satisfy those who are trying to bring it about (The elites will be fine, but their willing soldiers are not going to like the result of their efforts.)