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It Seems to Me

It Seems to Me 

March 1, 2011

by John Loeffler,

Steel on Steel Radio Consortium


For years the mainline media have been telling us their news coverage was professional and unbiased.  Most people believed that until the alternative media appeared  in the 1990s and a different picture of world events world emerged.


I'm John Loeffler at and here's how it seems to me.


When a tragic shooting occurred at Ft. Hood, allegedly perpetrated by an officer with radical Muslim ideology, the leftist mainline media said we shouldn't jump to conclusions about the religious or political motivations of the shooter.    But when another tragic shooting occurred in Tucson, Arizona, involving a congresswoman, they ignored their previous standard they preached at us and immediately jumped to conclusions.


After the Tucson shooting, the media suggested angry, hateful, right-wing rhetoric, caused the shooter to do what he did, because angry rhetoric leads to violence and shouldn't be tolerated. 


But now with angry leftist-supported unionists and teachers demonstrating in Wisconsin, there has been no lack of angry hateful rhetoric.  But this time the media haven't called for toning it down.  Rather it's hailed the demonstrations as as a popular uprising defending the rights of the people.  Funny, I thought that's what the tea party movement was all about.


When the tea party movement began, the media repeatedly pointed out that most of the faces in the demonstrations were white, declaring the movement obviously racist and therefore dangerous to the country. 


But, lo and behold, most of the faces we see at the demonstrations are white.  Does that mean that Wisconsin teachers are racist?  Well if we follow the media's earlier standard the answer would be, yes.


But that's the problem:  the mainline media don't follow the standards they preach at us.  Their standards seem to float and change with each event and are only  applied to us, not to them.  Now that this has become obvious to many observers, the media have destroyed any possibility that their reporting could be considered unbiased and accurate.  That's why the alternative media are doing so well.


I'm John Loeffler at, and that's how it seems to me.


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It Seems to Me airs on the American Christian Network in the Pacific Northwest.  John Loeffler is 46-year broadcast news veteran and host of the nationally syndicated talk show Steel on Steel ( on the IRN/USA/Family Radio Networks.  John also co-hosts The Financial Sense Newshour (  He also produces the McAlvany Weekly Commentary with Dave McAlvany at


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