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HUGE Conservative Website Reports on Story WVW-TV Broke on Interfaith Dialogue Between James White & Jihadi Imam

Top Article on HUGE conservative website on the James White interfaith dialogue with a Jihadi Imam. The author names-names. The article is called "When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism". Worldview Radio originally broke this story nation wide and now it is getting into the secular, conservative media world. Lots of talk radio guys read this page. I think this will make secular talk radio on Monday. Read this article here:


I think it is hard to believe the Executive Director of the Bible ministry named could defend this and call it "overblown and exaggerated"  as quoted in the American Thinker article. Really odd since I have watched some great sermons from his boss on 2 Corinthians 6:14 calling out interfaith dialogues and spiritual enterprises with unbelievers. What about these videos can he say has been overblown? I guess the good ole boy club and defending his long time friend is more important than truth?


Full details and context here:


Former FBI Counter-Terrorism Expert Exposes James White's Jihadi Imam Mentor


Will James White Fans Jettison Nazi History of Muslim Brotherhood That White's Imam Mentor Works With?


Evangelical Minister Calls Jihadi Imam Mentor & Says He Senses A Kindred Spirit With Him During Interfaith Dialogue


Reformed Guys from Ireland now on this on their radio program and one of them I guess had James White at his church.