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Gay Rights Group Targets Christian Colleges

Gay Rights Group Targets Christian Colleges




 This spring the homosexual group known as "Soul Force/Equality Ride" headed by Mel White will be visiting Christian colleges they deem as "discriminatory" and "homophobic." Many schools withdrew any welcome mat (though the group is known to visit them anyway) and others, in the name of loving those with whom we disagree, are allowing them on campus. College spokesmen say they do want to provide answers for the Christian students dealing with the gay issue--but is this the right way of doing this? "Soul Force" is a recruiting agency for the gay lifestyle and aren't even subtle about that.

Sadly one school to be visited in mid-April is my alma mater, Bethel College, now called Bethel University. They are about to have 35 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight 18-28 year olds visiting, and "Soul Force" has said, "We're coming, ready or not." "Soul Force" insists God loves them just the way they are and that the church must repent from the way it has treated them.

President Brushaber, and this is paraphrased, says that while here, young people are offered guidance at a critical time when the trajectories of their own lives, as well as the view they will carry into society, are being shaped. Bethel shares a passion to create and maintain a safe enviornment in which students can wrestle with personal issues while striving to live biblically.

There is no presumption that the "Soul Force"/Equality Riders will change their beliefs from this visit. It may be that after this visit a Christian student or students may enter into a GLBT lifestyle.

Bethel Provost Jay Barnes will be my radio guest this weekend speaking to this issue. So will former homosexual Stephen Bennett. The culture war is heating up and many are not even aware of the wiles of the devil.

Bethel and other campuses being targeted say they have spent much time in earnest prayer on this visit by "Soul Force." Some Christian colleges report that their encounters with "Soul Force" were "respectful, peaceful dialogues." Nothing is said about getting these folks to repent from their lifestyle and help usher these people into the Kingdom of God.

When confronted with the news that the "Soul Force"/Equality Ride bus was coming to their campus, the administration felt it had but two choices: Bar the gates or be welcoming but not affirming, affirm biblical teaching, show Christian love, prepare students to work in a world where this will always be an issue, and care for students with "identity issues."

So what's wrong with this picture? Enough to write a book. "Soul Force" is encouraging Christian colleges to change their policies in this arena. They want to make these campuses safe to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students.

So a year from now will some of these colleges have GLBT clubs on campus? Will the blatant scriptures in the Bible about homosexuality be twisted on Christian campuses as they have been twisted in liberal churches?

Your email reply here may be read on air anonymously if you wish to respond. I see this as just the furthering of the culture decline all predicted in the Bible for the last days. It should be a wake up call to parents, however, at the Bethel forum for parents, hardly anyone showed up! Does apathy reign here, too? Aren't the consequences of this lifestyle a big enough threat that the meeting room should have been jammed with standing room only?

You can listen live, Saturday 9 to 11 AM CST here and also hear the Sunday rebroadcast from 12 to 2 PM at same link. All programming goes up on our "radio archives" late Monday. Other listening options and cities are on our Web site, under "Radio Show." You can also see the slippery-slope of the culture decline at my Web site at this link

While issues like these are troubling, they do fulfill scripture and they do remind us that the sound of the trumpet is closer than we think.

Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell

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