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Fake “Rojava” and the Plight of Christians

Fox News is continuing the drumbeat about Russia being a big winner in the wake of a U.S. withdrawal from northern Syria. In truth, we got out just in time, as Turkey moved to reduce the fake country of "Rojava" or "northern Kurdistan" to ashes. A very good treatment of what was really happening in  northern Syria can be found in the Jihad Watch article, "Fake “Rojava” Narrative and Truths about Syria," by Assyrian political commentator Ibrahim Seven.

The Assyrian Christians did NOT want the Marxist Kurds to rule over them. His article is full of references and links to hostile actions by the Marxist Kurd PKK/YPG against Christians.  He documents the Kurdish oppression of Assyrian Christians in northern Syria.

Here's the opening paragraph:

In the midst of the bloody war in Syria, the Kurds took advantage of the chaos and claimed control over northern Syria in 2012. They established a so-called “government” there led by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party or PYD. Its armed force is the YPG (People’s Protection Units), which is the Syrian wing of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). The Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, which much of the media hails as “America’s greatest ally in the region” is also led by the YPG.

He adds:

Most Assyrians in Syria do not want the oppressive PYD Kurdish rule there that has seized their lands or properties and persecuted them...How can Assyrians then have sympathy for the Kurdish PYD/YPG when they target and oppress them like this? That is why, the PYD does not represent the will of Assyrians in Syria. Nor is it a true ally of Assyrians either in Syria or in the Diaspora.


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