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AIM’s Cliff Kincaid on New WikiLeaks Revelations

The Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, Cliff Kincaid, appeared on October 17 on the Radio Free Rocky D. [1] show to discuss the recent WikiLeaks email dumps and the impact that these new revelations have had on the presidential election.

“Look, [Julian] Assange, I give him credit,” said Kincaid on the radio show. “He’s doing the kind of digging, he’s getting the scoops, he’s getting the dirty information—let’s call it that because it’s being hacked—that we need to know. We have a right to know.”

“I find it interesting that, at least so far, the Clinton people, [John] Podesta and so forth, have really not denied that these are their emails,” said Kincaid. “They just say, ‘Oh, the Russians did it, the Russians did it, the Russians are coming.’ Well, look everything we’ve gotten out of WikiLeaks, so far at least, looks to be reliable.”

However, Kincaid noted that Assange has worked for the Russians before, and therefore might not deserve trust. “Again, I don’t necessarily trust the guy,” said Kincaid. “He had a Russian television show on Russia Today, RT. But, look, I look at his information that’s coming out. I judge it on its merits.”

One of the things that these leaked emails expose, said Kincaid, is that “that we’ve had a major media, mainstream media in the tank for Hillary.”

“And, of course, nowadays the bias is so blatant, so in your face—but it still fools people,” Kincaid also commented.

“I mean, there were cases like Maggie Haberman being described as a friendly journalist at The New York Times,” said Kincaid. “We’ve had John Harwood at CNBC, who was part of one of the debates, who was sucking up to the Clinton machine. I mean we can go down a whole list. It really is, when you think about it…really is a conspiracy of these journalists working hand in glove, even while pretending to be objective.”

Recent columns from Kincaid [2] and from AIM Editor Roger Aronoff [3] have exposed the media’s hidden hand of influence in support of a Hillary Clinton presidential victory.

One point of enduring hypocrisy is where the media have acted outraged about Donald Trump’s alleged sexual harassment of various women. “And yet we’ve got a 73-page police report on how he [Al Gore] was the target of sexual harassment complaints, groping complaints, from a massage therapist, so called, in Oregon a couple years ago,” said Kincaid. Gore recently appeared with Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

“Now, granted, [the Gore case] was dropped,” said Kincaid. “The police couldn’t prove it, but none of these charges against Trump have been proven.”

“There’s a lot here, and yet where’s the media screaming about Hillary associating with an alleged groper?” asked Kincaid.

Another leaked email exposed how Hillary Clinton favors open trade resulting in a North American Union [4], said Kincaid. “I think one of the most significant was the one where she talked in that secret speech to the Brazilian bank about open borders and open trade,” noted Kincaid. “She’s really in favor of what we’ve called, and what has been on the drawing board for quite some time, a North American Union uniting the United States, Canada, and Mexico. And then they hope to merge that into the European Union.”

You can listen to the entire 17 minute interview here:

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