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11-Television Programs On A Biblical Study of Spiritual Warfare

WVW-TV Presents: An Eleven Part Special On:

A Biblical Study on Spiritual Warfare That Refutes The False Teaching of Binding Satan, Generational Curses, Prayer Mapping, Praying Hedges of Protection, and Christians Being Demon Possessed

Justin Peters and Pastor Jim Osman lead this Biblical study

11 Television Programs Totalling 5 1/2 Hours On One Thumb Drive 

Normal Retail Price On DVD Would Be $45

Thumb Drive Special Savings Price: $19.99 

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Every computer today has a slot for plugging in a thumb drive. You can also hook your computer to your TV and watch these presentations on your flat screen television through your computer. DVDs are going out and the cost for production is not consumer friendly in pricing. We can offer you more presentations and extra presentations for free when programs are sold on a thumb drive. You can also play the thumb drive more readily on computers and even big screen computer monitors. 

About your teachers: 

Jim Osman:

In Truth or Territory Pastor Jim Osman presents a theology of spiritual warfare based on Scripture and Scripture alone. Truth or Territory offers an evaluation of those practices and an examination of Ephesians 6 and in its context. The table of contents provided below will give you some idea of the contents of this book.


Justin Peters: 

As an itinerant preacher, Justin is committed to the expositional preaching of God's Word.  Expositional preaching, if done correctly, rightly robs the preacher of any personal agenda he may have.  Both the content and direction of the sermon is dictated by the text. 

In addition to expositional preaching, Justin also teaches seminars, speaks at Bible conferences across the United States and internationally.  The seminar for which he is most known is entitled "Clouds Without Water: A Biblical Critique of the Word-Faith Movement."


Program #1

A Biblical approach to spiritual warfare



How the false teaching of the modern-day spiritual warfare books & speakers undermine the sufficiency of God's Word 


Program #3:

Why the Bible does not teach praying a hedge of thorns


Program #4: 

How the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:3–6 describes real spiritual warfare 


Program #5: 

Exposing the twisted scripture that leads to the false teaching of hexes and generational curses 


Program #6:

Why Bill Gothard & Neil T. Anderson and Pat Robertson are wrong to teach people can bind Satan. 


Program #7:

Why we do not have the same power over spiritual forces as Jesus had while on earth


Program #8: 

Can Christians can be demon possessed?


Program #9:

Why Christians should not rebuke Satan 


Program #10

Are Christians called to cast out demons and does casting out demons fall into the category of signs and wonders? 


Program #11:

Why Praying Mapping is Unbiblical 

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