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Worldview Weekend

The World's Premier Biblical Worldview, Web-Based, Radio, and Television Network.


We are reaching hundreds of thousands of people through our daily national radio program , weekly national television program, free Worldview Weekends, and our free video clips and columns posted on our numerous websites. Through your generous tax-deductible contribution to the Worldview Weekend Foundation, we are enabled to continue to offer many of these resources. If you have personally been equipped, encouraged, and blessed by our work, resources, and ministry, then I would ask if you would make a contribution of any size right now.

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What Christian Leaders Say About Us

Mike Gendron

As director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry, I have been blessed by our partnership with Worldview Weekend over the last five years through radio and TV appearances and conferences. Many Christians have been encouraged and equipped to be more effective ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry of Worldview Weekend has been a shining light in a world that continues to grow spiritually dark. With very few ministries contending for the faith anymore, there is a common concern among Christians that we meet. Many are saying they've never seen such outright lies and deliberate deception so prevalent in our society as today.

Everywhere we look there is widespread deception in religion, in government, in the media, in our justice system, and even in the marketplace. Rarely is anyone being held accountable for telling a lie. Well the one thing I've always admired about Brannon Howse is that he is not afraid to hold people accountable for their lies that go against the Word of God. It is our prayer that God will serve in the hearts of those who have been blessed by this ministry to support Worldview Weekend and Brannon House.

Please pray for Brannon and all the ministries that are broadcast on Worldview Weekend that by God's grace we will remain strong in the faith and protected from the schemes of the devil. The battle for truth and the souls of men will only intensify as the Day of our Lord approaches. So let's all keep our eyes focused on the author and perfector of our faith.

Susan Heck

It has been a great joy for me to be able to broadcast weekly on Worldview Weekend. Brannon Howse is really most gracious to allow me as a woman's Bible teacher to offer this program for women who are hungry for the pure milk of the Word. I have to say the fruit that has been borne from my being on Worldview Weekend has been great, and I am very humbled to be able to do this for the Lord. I hear from women all over the world in countries where there is a famine for the Word of God. In fact, many will email me frequently with their questions on difficulties that they're either having personally or questions on Biblical issues and doctrine.

Many ladies in other countries recently where there have been terrorist attacks have asked hard questions on our Biblical responsibilities to refugees, to terrorists, and what the Bible says about protecting ourselves. Without Worldview Weekend, helping these women would not be possible. And you know, my friend, it's not just my program but the many that Worldview Weekend has to offer for free that have blessed so many.

My friend, Worldview Weekend is reaching millions who are longing for truth in a morally decaying world, and I would encourage you to prayerfully consider making a tax deductible contribution by going to, or by sending a check to WVW Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027. You can also call 901-853-8792 to contribute via credit card.

Dr. Tommy Ice

This is Tommy Ice, executive director of the Preacher Research Center. I'm excited about all that the Worldview Weekend Foundation provides for Christians who are interested in growing in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Worldview Weekend Foundation provides cutting-edge interaction through their free daily radio programs from the perspective of a consistent Biblical worldview. The same is true of the free weekly national television programs as well as through the free Worldview Weekend seminars and their huge amounts of information provided on their ever expanding free Worldview Weekend website. Now you can listen to the new 24/7 radio network free and the great programs provided there. I encourage you to consider making a donation as the Lord leads to this great ministry that enables to many to understand and deal with the issues of our day.

Wayne Shepherd For Dr. John Whitcomb

Whitcomb Ministries thanks Brannon Howse for bringing the Bible teaching of Dr. John Whitcomb to the vast online audience of Worldview Weekend Radio every week. I'm Wayne Shepherd, the host of Encounter God's Truth, and on behalf of Dr. Whitcomb I'd like to encourage you to express your thanks at this important time by supporting the Worldview Weekend Foundation with a tax deductible contribution.

Dr. Whitcomb has been so appreciative of all that Brannon has done to promote the work of Whitcomb Ministries. In fact, I'm sure that our program is reaching people who would never otherwise even hear it, but we know that they're listening at Our purpose on Encounter God's Truth is to proclaim faithfully that God's Word is true from the beginning to the end, and we know that's Brannon's commitment as well. As we move into ever more perilous times it's so important that we keep making this type of Biblical content available for all to hear. So once again for Dr. John Whitcomb, I'm Wayne Shepherd. Thanks for listening to Worldview Weekend Radio and Encounter God's Truth.

Pastor Jesse Johnson

This is Jesse Johnson with TheCrippleGate blog. One of the joys of blogging is using the Internet to develop relationships with likeminded believers globally to cultivate a friendship, even a virtual friendship in that sense just through a shared doctrine, shared truth that we have with people that I don't live in the same city with, I don't go to the same church with them, but we have this commonality in how we view Scripture and the sermon – with likeminded believers that we hardly ever get to see or meet in person. That's one of the reasons that I love Worldview Ministries.

I love what Brannon is doing there with the free weekend rallies, with the Worldview Weekend in Branson, Missouri. I love how he's using these ministries to further these likeminded relationships and cultivate this fellowship with believers that otherwise wouldn't get to see each other. We don't live in the same city, we don't go to the same church, but we get to meet each other and increase our fellowship and our love for the Lord around likeminded doctrine. You know when you partner with Worldview Weekend Foundation that's exactly what you're enabling.

You're enabling these ministries and this fellowship and this influence to increase through free radio and TV and the free Worldview Weekend rallies. You enable this presence to grow and the Lord uses us to strength His church. You can contribute financially to this ministry at for a tax deductible contribution, and I would encourage you to do that.

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Hi everybody, this is Jimmy Deyoung of Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing. Let me personally thank Brannon Howse and Worldview Weekend Foundation for this media outreach. On the network we air Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing, which is time sensitive, so this outlet for our ministry is essential.

On PTIB I cover current events in light of Biblical prophecy. With Brannon's website standings in America and around the world, I have a potential audience of literally billions of people, and that is why we feel this gives us an outreach to an audience that I want to reach. You realize that Brannon's website outreach costs money, in fact lots of money, to operate on a 24/7 basis. May I ask you to consider giving a monetary gift to the Worldview Weekend Foundation to keep this outreach on the air?

If our free radio and television programs are a blessing to you, would you please be a blessing to Brannon and Worldview Weekend Foundation? You can do that, by the way, by making a tax deductible contribution?

Please make your donation today because we must keep our radio and TV programs reaching this world at such an important time in history. Thank you very much for your consideration of a contribution to the Worldview Weekend Foundation.

Dr. Ron Carlson, President
Christian Ministries International


Our nation is at a critical crossroads. Will we maintain our Christian heritage and Biblical values or will we become totally secular and Humanistic? When man declares there is no God, instead of worshipping nothing, he worships anything! Today, for many, tolerance has become a higher value than Truth. Postmodernity and "Political Correctness" require universalism, pluralism, multiculturalism to be our new religion. Every cult, religion and pagan practice is now deemed to be of equal value and must be accepted. Christian Worldview weekends and foundation are speaking Biblical truth, with grace and love, to this generation. Let me urge you to support this much needed effort as we, together, expose the darkness and let the light of God's eternal perspectives shine forth on this great nation."

Dr. Woodrow Kroll
President & Senior Bible Teacher
Back to the Bible International


This world is a dangerous place, not because of crime, drugs or Islamic fanaticism, but because it's a dangerous place for the mind. Never before has the electronic marketplace been so accessible, not with fruits and vegetables, but with the spiritual equivalent of cyanide and dioxin. Irrationality, fuzzy-thinking, and unbiblical ideas have infiltrated the church and found a home. Many Christians today have come to terms with Postmodernism and like living there. I thank God for the Worldview Weekend Foundation. Through their multi-faceted efforts they are proving that biblical morality, Christian worldview and Bible literacy will not go quietly into the night.

Kerby Anderson, National Director for Probe Ministries
Host of "Point of View" radio talk show


Worldview Weekends are a place where adults and youth can learn about a Christian Worldview and learn how to apply it to their everyday life. But these conferences are just the tip of the iceberg. There is Branson Family Reunion, Family Camp, Online Institute, Christian Worldview Network, and much more.

That's why I encourage you to support the Worldview Weekend Foundation. This non-profit organization provides the financial resources to build and expand Worldview Weekend as well as sponsor a number of free events that help pastors, laymen, and those in the military understand and develop their Christian Worldview. Please take a moment and consider what God would have you do in providing the financial resources so that Worldview Weekend can be more effective and reach more people.

Ray Comfort

Please support WVW Foundation as it plays a powerful part in being salt and light in this nation.